A 13 year old girl writes me the sweetest birthday message ever🤩

So today is 13 February 2021 and i celebrate my birthday turning 22. Amazingly a friend to my little sister writes me a letter. To my surprise the contents of the letter is too much for someone of her age to think that deep. I was shocked while reading it,i just could not believe those sweet words could come out of a 13 year old. She really made my birthday a memoriable one. 

Above is the picture of the her birthday message to me. I wanna show her one day when she is all grown up how much she has a good and kind loving heart. She is my little sister and i love her so very much. Honestly this is enough for me to celebrate my birthday. I am going to read this letter whole day i mean over and over again. It is the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me😍💖❤ Thank you Bertha

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