Naturally i am a bird lover and what a wonderful time to fall in love with birds. It is almost harvest season whereby farmers get rid of their crops mainly maize and tobbacco. This year as usual we planted maize on our backyard. About three weeks ago i noticed a bird. This one is very unique. It has something like up to 5 colors. From afar i noticed orange,black and yello. 

This is the female bird. While harvesting maize cobs i noticed a nest that was under construction. At first i thought it was abandoned. Apperently i am used to see ordinary grey birds. To my surprise this time around we where graced by a lovely unique specie. 

I wish i could get a closer shot but you know birds are very alert. So today i decided to check out the nest and found out that it was already completed. There were 6 eggs so far unfortunately i broke 1 while i was taking them out. So they are 5 left. I apologize for my actions,i was curious.

This is their precious home where they have been making love. If i were to name their nest i'd call it Fantasy Paradise

On my 1st visit i decided to only take one egg out and this is the picture. Upon returning home there was a burning desire to know the actual number. This is why i returned and managed to do so.

This is the male partner or husband what ever you may wanna call it. This bird has about 3 colors. It has green,grey and yellow. 

This is the wife she spends most of her time around the territory making sure it is safe. I do not know the times she usually deliver eggs yet but i think during the day and mostly in the afternoon. If i were to name these two,the male would be called wrecken while the lady bird would be called grenches.