My life in music (full storyline)

Today i wanna take you into a different path, a road that i believe most of you can relate to. My life in music is a topic whereby i am going to be sharing with you my journey as a musician. Guess you're all shocked well don't be cause i am about to review everything in total package just now. Remember to subscribe to this blog via mail to receive more updates as they come. Kindly share this post anywhere on social media, i would greatly appreciate.

Introduction and background

Nyasha Ernest Matanda is a young man who was born in a family with no background of musical history, so we can safely say he is the first in his family to do it.

I grew up in Church and that is where everything started. For those who red this other post with title kingdom praise serminar with Pastor Walter i  am sure you will understand full details about my Church, if you havent make sure you visit the post on the provided link above. 

The year was 2008 and i was just 9 years old. We would do our seperate service from the elderly every sunday morning. The service started at 7 am and ended at 8 am Sunday in and Sunday out. Back then Now Pastor Malate was the leader. He natured us as infants as we would call him Uncle. 

He took care of us as if he was taking care of his own offspring. Along with him was then Uncle Ron, Uncle Innocent, Uncle Farai, Uncle Tapfumanei and others. Some of the female leaders i remember where then Aunt Ropa, Aunt Maggy, Aunt Hazvineyi amoung others. As of now all these guys are married and most of them are part of the Church leadership.

How did it start

Basically the children church had a likely setup of the main church, so i then joined kingdom kids. This was our choir group. This group was led by then Uncle Tinashe. He natured us in music as if we were at a musical college. 

His passion for music was irresistable and his burning desire for music could flow in our veins as he taught us. Everyone back then just fell in love with music. We were so young and fully devoted to serving in the House of God and we did. I started as a singer and i could sing with this sharp loud tone.

There are two songs i still remember i loved the most, one of them is Zita rashe. In English translation which means the name of the Lord. I remember every time i sang this song i would feel like i am the best singer in the world. 

I danced to the ritheme and so did the church. We would bridge zita rashe with this popular song Cast your burdens. The feeling was awesome as the late Victor played the drums,  Able on the bass guitar, Josh on Keyboard surely every Sunday was an electrifying one.

Did you play any instruments

As time passed on i fell in love with drums. I just couldn't resist them, their charisma stole my heart. I noticed drums because of the one who played them, Victor! He was one of the best drummers to ever step foot on the stage. Everytime he played there was a difference compared to all other drummers. He gave his all and people loved him. Sadly we lost him this year, may his soul continue to rest in peace. 

I approached him one day and asked if he could teach me. He agreed and told me to come for lesssons. That is when my dream became a reality. Since i had fallen in love with drums, i was nolonger a burden to him while he taught me. Everything happened so quickly and i became a drummer. I then lost focus on singing and became a full time drummer.

I remember this other Sunday, my mentor introduced to the church as i played 1 song. Everyone was amazed and this gave me an advantage to win my then dream girl Runyararo. 

The girl was so pretty such that every boy dreamt having her. Guess i was the lucky guy! I approcahed her after service and she accepted. The feeling was more than that of a graduate. I was young and crazy and so was she.

The journey in and outside church

The road was not easy at all. I faced some serious competition as there were some drummers at that time. They were very good so i had to fight for my place and i am glad i did. Some quit because of the competition. i held on and up to this day i am still the people's drummer. I am happy to say i became a drummer not because i went to college of music but this is something that started in the house of God. 

Parents i encourage you to upbring your children in church for i surely know the Lord has a gift for each and everyone of them. By God's grace i saved in so many churches in Zimbabwe from the year 2012 till present. 

I met new friends most of them have become like brothers and sisters. In 2013 my brother Michael introduced to the reality of music. He took me to Island Man's place since he was looking for a drummer. The band was called the Island Crew Band. Island man welcomed me and from there he became a father figure. This band was a reggae band and i just fell in love with island music.

 He taught me how to play reggae ritheme and i fell in love with it. The Island Crew band held its first show in Inyanga 5 years ago and you can watch it on Youtube. I was then 16 years already a professional drummer. 

We had a good time back in Inyanga and everyone was happy. We released this song 2 years ago called ghetto youths. This song talks about unity amoung young people in the high density surbubs across the globe. The song was compossed and sang by Ancient King whose real name is Peter Masomere.

You can watch it Here. I also wrote a song called mama click Here to watch the video. This song was sang by Joan one of our female band members. The message is about appreciating our mothers. It is  a good fit for mothers day too.

Are you still a drummer or not

Well the answer is yes i am still the people's drummer. I will always be a drummer and will continue playing drums.


I would like to thank God and everyone who contributed in my journey as a musician. A gift comes from God and i believe the main purpose is to serve in his house. 

By His grace i shall continue this journey i started at the age of 9 years. You too can start its never too late. Do your research about your passion and if you are willing to learn, you will earn.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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