African story: Life changes unexpectedly (chapter 4 to 6)

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 Written by Christine Chiramba

Edited by Nyasha Nation

Photo Credit by Christine Chiramba


Thick and dark clouds sometimes obstruct the sun.When it happens,the surroundings darken.It is not a pleasant sight but if we look at the clouds carefully,we can see that their edges are  tinted with a silvery glow.This tells that whenever there is sorrow,happiness will be somewhere around.

It also reminds us not to lose hope in hours of darkness and sorrow because it might be just when we are about to quit that victory reveals itself.Like the silver tint on the edge of the dark cloud.

Happiness always lurks behind the darkest hour.Fortunately, my brother had done his University when our mother was sentenced to life in prison.It did not take much time for him to get employed. He became employed as a Till Operator at Chikurundagara business.

My brother sent me back to school until
l wrote my form 4.Fortunately, l managed to pass with flying colors.l could not describe the happiness that l felt on the day that l saw my ordinary level result slip.

Nevertheless i could not manage to proceed with  education because l wanted to assist my brother to look for money to send back my two little sisters to school until they reach form 4.

It happened as a good luck that l was employed at the work place of my brother as a merchandiser.The best part of it was that at the time that l got employed,my brother then got a job of his accademic results.

He managed to get a degree of Banking and Finance at  Mashonaland University. He got employed at the same place where our aunt worked who happened to be the sister to my late father.

She was the one who was behind my mother's suffering in prison.She always tried by all means to destroy my family's happiness.Her happiness was filled with my family's pain,sorrow,tears and struggle.

When she realised that my brother was employed at a local bank, she was hurt. Evil aunt then organized a gang to assassinate my brother. Evil aunt paid them millions of dollars to get the job done.

One day when my brother was on his way home from work,the men who were hired by my aunt followed him by a car.They kidnapped him and took him to the place where people do not usually walk though. The area was very bushy and densly populated with trees and grass.

That is where he was killed,they dumped his body in Chihuri forest which was near our shops.The strange thing about my evil aunt was that she always succeeded in every plan that she made.That was backed by her strong financial background such that she could easily bribe people with money whenever she planned to do something bad.

Chapter 5

My gandmother,two little sisters and l
were shocked when my brother did not
returned back home as per usual time.
We had a very long night hopping to hear him nock the door.Sadly same thing happened the following day,he did not come back home.

We tried all means of getting in touch with him but our effort was fruitless.We had no idea where to find him after three days of searching.

The only option was to report to the police and we did likewise.The police helped us very well by doing a tharah search.

Shockingly my brother was found dead in Chihuri forest,an area which is near our shops. His body was already decaying by then. l swam into pool of pain when l heard news of the death of my  brother.

l felt as if l was going to die with the pain. The pain felt like a sword going down my heart.He was the only helper that l was left with in my life.The police opened an intensive investigation for people who were responsible for the death of my brother, but they were not found. Eventually, every end have a new beginning.

My grandmother,two little sisters and l were left with no choice than to move on with our life.My little sisters stopped going to school because l was not able to manage their school fees alone. l could only afford to buy food  and clothes. Seven years later I finally turned 25 years old. Love nocked at my door. I fell in love with Jabu and we got married. Jabu was loving and had a good heart.

Amazingly Jabu sent me back to school, l managed to finish my studies and i graduated with a masters as a social worker.l then got employed  and managed to send back my little sisters to proceed with their education.Everything in my life was  going smoothly when l got married to Jabu.

Chapter 6

One of my little sisters managed to finish school but the other one did not. She failed to pass her form four then quit.One of my little sisters by the name Ashly and the other one was called Anisha.Ashly was the one who decided to quit school after failing.When she quit, Ashely spent two years doing nothing to make her life better.

l tried my best to let her know the importance of education in life but she was a hard nut to crack.This reality awaited her,"people who do not take heed of good advise suffer the effects".

As time passed Ashly fell in love, She had fallen for a boy called David.When she started dating,she became stubbon and developed a bad attitude towards me.After three years of loving each other David impregnated Ashly.

When she alerted David about the unborn baby, he was shocked. David was not ready to be a father since he had nothing to support their child. For Ashely this was the same storyline since She did not have any source of income.

My sister was not even educated hence that was the major reason for her unemployement.Ashly kept on bothering David about the pregnancy to the extent that David fled the country living behind an unborn child and it's mother.

Alshly kept on looking for him but
her efforts were in vain.She did not manage to know where he was. My sister suffered a lot,she did not know what to do anymore.Her wish was to have a happy family with David and did not want to give birth to a fatherless child.

She then decided to have an abortion. Fortunately for her she succeeded with the plan. Like a dynamite l exploded into anger when l heard the news of Ashly's abortion.l did not know what to do with my sister anymore. 

She had become the opposite version of what i wished her to become in life.What angered me the most was that Ashly had an illegal backyard abortion. As we know it is very dangerous to have a backyard abortion as it comes with different complications.One day Ashly decided to go in town to buy new clothes.While on her way to the bus stop,she started bleeding precisely.

She aborted the mission and turned back home. Upon arrival her body langauge was written the full details so there was no need to ask. l  already knew that the eligal abortion was the reason behind her suffering. To make things worse she had not visited the doctors after the abortion.

Therefore that was now affecting her.l then took her to the nearby hospital.Ashley's rudeness towards me  was vanished because she was
afraid to losing her life.That's when she started giving me an ear since she really needed my help. 

When we arrived at the hospital there was a big queue.We had no any other choice than to join the queue.Sadly Ashly started bleeding even more and the queue was still big.When it was our  turn to see the doctor,Ashly's strength was exhausted. 

To my own opion i do not know and understand to this day why the doctors and nurses on duty that day turned a blind eye to our dier situation.

She then lost consciousness and was finally taken to the intensive care unit.
l was told that it was going to take time for her to recover,so she had to be admitted. As time passed,Doctors tried their best to treat Ashly with different medications but she did not recover until she passed away.

l was called and informed that my beloved little sister was no more.It was hard to describe the pain that l felt when my sister passed away.Several days later Ashely was burried.It took so much time for me to move on.

Thanks to my husband he took me for councelling sessions and i was able to accept this sad reality. I then notified my mother about the death of her daughter while she was still in prison.

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