African Story: lN LOVE WITH AN ENEMY (chapter 1 to 5)

Written by Christine Chiramba

Edited by Nyasha Nation

Photo credit by Xavier Mero with Angela

A Short Summary

This story is about a Girl Called Esha who fell in love with Ben. She did not know that a person who she fall in love with was going to be her enemy one day.

You are going to see how Esha face Ben at the time he became her  enemy and how she conquered defeat.

You are also going to learn three main things which are (1) enemies come unexpectedly, (2) we should not be afraid to face the problems that we create because of our mistakes inorder for us to conquer defeat (3) to never fall in love for money After all money is the route of all evil especially if it is with a person who does not have a good heart.


We usually call a bird beautiful if it is plumage it is attractive.Some birds have highly coloured and attractive plumage. Parrots are beautiful with their greenish body and red beaks.The bird looks extremely beautiful with it has blue feathers.

These birds looks attractive because of their external appearance.Similarly, a
person maybe more impressive if they wear fine clothes.The person many not be a good hearted and impressive. Only theclothes and wealthy deceive other people especially girls.

Ben was once upon a time,a boy who came from a Rich family.He was 25 years old. He did his studies at Mashonaland University and finished when he was 22 years old.

Ben managed  to get a degree of
Banking and Finance.He spent  three years looking for job  but could not find it. Since he was a spoiled child he did not put much effort in finding the job.

Ben was the only child in his family and his father was an accountant while his mother was a lawyer.His parents were rich and they could afford to buy anything for for Ben.

His family was respected by many people because they were rich.Their house was built with exquisite designs. It was heaven in other people's eyes especially to those who did not afford to build it.Ben's parents could go to work every morning and come back home late.

Ben spent his time inside the house everyday watching television and playing games.He got faded up of spending most of his time at his parents house alone everyday.

An idea of asking his father to buy him a bicycle popped in his mind.He wanted to  something new  to entertain him since he was fade of playing games and  watching televison.

Ben jumped into conclusion that he was going to tell his father that he wanted a bicycle.That was the first thing he did that day when his parents came back home from work.Surprisingly,his father came home with a bicycle. 

Ben was as happy as a lark on the day that his father bought him a bicycle.He liked it and it was painted with many different colours like a rainbow.

On the following day,Ben spent the whole day riding his bicycle teaching himself different styles of riding a bicycle.One Sunday morning, his father sent Ben to the shops to buy bread for breakfast.

He decided to go with his bicycle.On his way to the shops, he was enjoying ridding his bicycle on the road for the first time.With lifted feet he seem to be giving be giving in the air.He was flying like a bird. 

The sinuous road gave him the thrill of moving like a snake but with the pace of an arrow.Deep valley on one side and
huge mouse on the other made him to think think of ups and down. Unfortunately,his overjoy of riding a bicycle in the road made him to think of nasty styles.He started riding the bicycle with  his eyes closed.

He did not notice that he was moving out of the road and was shocked when his bicycle stopped moving.

He immediately opened his eyes with so much fear in his mind.His eyes melted when he saw a stunning girl holding his bicycle with her superhuman power stopping the bicycle from moving.


The girl started shoulting at him because he almost run her ober by his bicycle. She said many hurtful words to him but Ben was not even listening to them. He was already thinking about how he was going to propose her.Ben had already fallen in love to that girl. With love in his veins Ben knelt down and apologize to her.

The girl was impressed by his gentleness.Ben was curious to know many things about the girl since he had already fallen in love with her.

The girl introduced herself to Ben.
Her name was Esha and she was 21years old while Ben was 25.He was over the cloulds when Esha told him that she was 21years .To him it was his perfect match.Joy overwhelmed him when he knew that they shared the same birthday on 21 December. 

Ben asked  gently if is she was comfortable to be escorted home. Amazingly Esha agreed and they made their way to Esha's home. Upon arrival they exchanged contacts fulfiling Ben's mission.He had already proposed Esha but she wanted time to think and know him better.

Ben was relieved when they departed because he managed to propose the girl and got rid of where she stay.

Esha was a girl who came from a family
that lived next to nothing.Her father was a garden boy,and her mother was a house wife she did not go to work.Esha was good in School unfortunately her parents did not afford the school fees for her to continue with education. 

luckily she managed to write her ordinary level and passed with flying colours.Her parents were proud when Esha passed but they could not afford to let her further her studies.That was all because she had two little sisters.

One was in 1st grade and the other was in seventh grade.Her parents opted that she supports the family by finding means of generating revenue.

They wanted her to help them with money for her little sister  to get a chance of going to school until they reach ordianary level.

Unfortunately,Esha realised that he wasted her effort by helping her parents to look for money for her little sisters school fees because they dropped out of school before reaching ordinary level.One of her little sister got pragnat when she was in form 2 and the other one was interested in music which resulted in her dropping out to concentrate with her music.

Esha wanted to finish up her studies but something stopped her and destroyed all her dreams. That thing is called love. After all she did not know that she had fallen for her Enermy. In fact, it was not her fault because she did not know that the person she loves was going to be her enermy at last.


Ben kept on bothering Esha to reply his
proposal.Esha had also fallen in love
with Ben but she was playing hard to get.

After all Ben was going to be her first boyfriend. Esha had never had a boyfriend since ever she was still young because she lived a complicated life. 

She only focused with her studies and always dream for a better life. For Esha education was the only way to fullfil her dreams.One day the sun was scorching hot and that made the atmosphere not to bear the intense heat in the morning of  21 October 2001.

Seemingly from nowhere,Esha's mother sent her to the shops to buy some mediscine because she was not feeling well.She had a running stomach.

It happened as a coincidence that Ben was also sent to the shops to by his father to buy groceries in the morning. Since he wanted to buy in bulk,the only choice was to go with a car.

When Ben arrived, he waddled as he entered in the shop.The moment  he entered the shop he saw Esha standing facing on the opposite side where Ben was.Ben tiptoed as he was going where she was standing. 

From behind he covered Esha's eyes with his hands. Esha was shocked when when Ben said her name whilst he was still covering her eyes.

They both smiled at each other and
strolled to the till to pay for the goods they had bought. After that, Ben escorted Esha to where she stays. As they made their way, Ben reminded Esha about his proposal of falling in love with her. 

There was silence that latsed for about 10 minutes.Ben realised that he was worsting his time by waiting for her reply.He then changed the subject.

When they arrived at Esha's home, she quickly got out from the car and dushed  into the yard through the gate. Ben then disappeared  from Esha's home taking off with a thrilling speed.Esha sent a message to Ben accepting his proposal of falling in love with him before going to bed.

Ben saw Esha's message when he was about to sleep. When Ben finished  to read Esha's message,joy overwhelmed him.His anthesis was indescribable when Esha accepted his proposal.He asked Esha to send him her favourite picture. After receiving the good looking picture,Ben spent the rest of the night looking and scrutinising her picture.He could not believe that Esha was finally his girlfriend.


When Esha fell in love with Ben ,she was spending her time with him. Ben convinced her to drop school before she finished her upper 6. Since Esha was deeply in  love with Ben, she trusted him and dropped out of school. He
promised to merry Esha. 

Esha wasattracted by wealthy which belonged to Ben's parents.She thought that her life was going to change for better since she was promised  to get married by a person who came from a rich family. Unfortunately,she did not know the horror that was awaiting her by accepting Ben's marriage proposal.

If she knew the consequences that she was going to face after get married to Ben,she could have not going to accept Ben's marriage proposal. Finally,Ben married Esha and they had their dream wedding.

Two years into marriage,Ben realized that Esha was  barren.Ben always wished to  have a baby but Unfortunately he had married a barren woman.He ended up losing interest in  her. Ben worked at a local bank.Esha was only having less time with her husband.

Sometimes Ben could spend couple of weeks without coming back home. At first Esha did not ask him where he was and Ben did not also bother telling her. When he repeated it ,Esha carried a bull by its  Hornes and asked her better half about his wereabouts for the entire week.

Ben  remained quiet appearing as if he did not hear what he was asked. His  reaction angered Esha.She started shouting at him,suddenly Ben slapped the taste out of her mouth. Esha wailed and sat down on the floor  hopelessly and her face  expression was the same as the one expressed by Republicans as they witnessed Biden's inaguration.

Ben did not sleep at home that day. He slept in a bar where he met Elsy. He fell in love on that night.Ben lied to Elsy that he was not married.Money was not a problem for Ben  such that He took Elsy to the  most beautiful hotel in their Country and paid for everything they needed.

The two spent five days living in a hotel  and Ben was spoiling Elsy with anything of her choice.Elsy got pregnant and Ben was happy to hear such great news.When Esha heard the rumours about her husband's side afairshe lost her conscious.She really loved her husband so deep.

When Esha regained her consciousness,she thought that she was going to see her husband besides her but she was imagining false things.Later that day Ben sent Esha packing because he had moved in with a new wife. 

Esha's life was now a carousel She did not know where to go.She started regreating falling in love with Ben who destroyed her life and dreams. The two became mutual enermies.

The worst part of it was that Esha's parents had died years back in an accident after her wedding with Ben. She wish she knew where her little sisters were since they did not see each other after they decided to drop out of school.

Chapter 5

Esha started working as a house girl for Ben's neighbour. That was the only choice she was left with because she did not finish school.She spent three years working for Ben's neighbour a bachalor and His name was Akim.Esha and Akim finally fell in love.When Ben heard about their relationship,he became ealousy.Ben's wish was to see Esha suffering.

An idea of killing Akim poped into  Ben's mind.Ben and Esha's love was turned into a lifetime hatred.They  became enemies. Sadly,Ben  succeeded on his plan of killing Akim.Pain sliced through Esha like million slices when  she was told that Akim was dead.She was hurt,shuttered and brocken.

Ben confessed to her that he was the one who had killed Akim in order for her to feel the real definition of pain.Ben confessed to Esha because he knew there was no evidence enough to prove the responsibility of Akim's death.Ben forgot that every single cloud has a silver lining.Esha recorded everything that Ben confessed to her over the phone and Ben did not notice that.

To be continued.....

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