Bed story

Hello and welcome to yet another post. As the advocate for those things you think they don't talk yet they do, it is my job to deliver their message to the world. I am.their mouth piece and i shall continue serving them now, then and forever. Today we focusing on the bed story, yes that bed you think of only when you feel like sleeping. 

Let us hear the bed's side of the storyline.
When you hear that good night message then you will realize it is time to sleep. Mothers, Fathers,  brothers, sisters, aunts and almost anyone you can think of then make their way to their bed. I am a bed used as a place to sleep or relax. 

); }); I serve to deliver a peaceful sleep during the night till morning. Humans love me soo very much such that they always make sure that i am well decorated and clean. Our kind have different colors and i am made of black and brown. When ever my master lays on me, i make sure that nothing bothers her, making her kids feel asleep in that very moment they lie on me. 

My other name is peace because that is how you feel when you lay on me. Without me life can be at its worst part, how can you dream good dreams while laying on the floor, this is why i am here to take you to the heart of endless sweet dreams. All i need is to remain clean and a regular wash. Once you master that surely we have become good friends.

You can make peace too

Peace plays a bigger part in a nation and glob success. Peace beggins with each and every one of us and anything opposite to peace is indeed destruction. Ladies and gentleman let us maintain peace and order in our small circles of life. 

With peace we can move forward towards building a lasting future to the next generation. If a bed can make peace in our homes so surely we can do the same in our lives. Let us love one another and continue living in peace and harmony, for our actions contribute a bigger percentage of what is to come tomorrow.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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