Behind bars

My name is Jail others call me prison but the difference is the same. I am a building in which people are held legally as a punishment for a crime they have commited or waiting for trial. People think I'm a bad person while others love me. For instance no one comes here unless they have a fault, i am just here as symbol of justice. 

Those who hate me needs to be educated to be responsible and also to know how my system works cause once you're here anything goes! There are over billion reasons why people end up here. 

Some are robbers, those people who think life can be made easy by forcefully taking what is not theirs, murderers, those who do not have others at heart, people who doesn't value human life and can take it at any time, thieves, those who are lazy to work and yet they eager for more of a special living and end up harvesting what they didn't plant, bullies, those who think they are better than everybody, people who do not respect others and can fight anyone be it physically or verbally. I have witnessed a lot of people being sentenced to several years in prison for different crimes they committed.

What happens in prison and why

As a prison with the help of law inforcement officers, prisoners go under rehabilitaion programme.This is the only reason why a person comes here so that when he goes back to the community, he or she will be a better person. The setup is welcoming for everyone coming from any background. Yes inmates are seperated due to the level of the crimes they would have commited and so is the punishment. 

Jail conditions are tough compared to anywhere else. Here you are instructed what to do and when to do it. This is far different from your home where you got everything and no one gives orders.I have realized that all the crimes committed could have been avoided but still they where not. 

My advice to you humans who are still free out there is this, please avoid what can be avoidable, abide by your country laws and live right. This place called jail will surely humble you. Be responsible of your actions. Manage your anger and you will miss a lot of trouble, swallow your pride and be humble.

Prison is not only being locked up

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to speak to you this truth. There are people who are serving a prison term outside the real prison. Today i will be touching on the marriage part. I really don't know why this is happening but it is happening.When the two were still dating everything was flowing like a stream of honey till marriage set up came up. 

I will specifically focus on men. This saying is more than true, a good man is a good husband. Man have become wild, so abusive to women, so arrogant,  men have become so wild,  they nolonger care neither do they still love their family. 

When a man becomes violent, the woman is usually the victim. Where did that love go? the reality is here, women have come to a place where they feel like they are chained to a certain marriage and they can nolonger be free from it. One way or the other this is abuse and it must stop mow! Let us love our women like we did since day one. 

When you cheat her, you are abusing her physically and emotionally. Physically you put her health in danger because of those deases transmitted during intercourse, emotionally she is nolonger peacefull in her mind. She cries everytime you don't come back home, she looks at your kids and feels pitty for them, she is lonely and hoping that some day you will change, but the reality says otherwise. 

She cries everyday and prays for you. what is wrong with men. This must end now! Think about the next generation,  what are you teaching them. Repent today and love your wife whole heartedly after all you are the one who made her your best choice.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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