Harare Zimbawe:LIFE CHANGES UNEXPECTEDLY Chapter 1 to 3

Written by Christine Chiramba

Edited by Nyasha Nation

Photo Credit by Christine Chiramba

A short summery

This story  is about a life journey of a girl called Avni and her family. Their life changed when they lost their father. They were not expecting to lose their father at that time.Their life unexpectadely changed from  happiness to pain,sorrow and dispare.When their life changed,they began to know the real definition of pain,sorrow and hardships of life since that was their new reality.

Avni and her family  faced many problems  as they were fighting back for there happiness and restoration. Fortunately, they managed to get their  happiness back at last  because of Avni's braveness, hope and courage.She actually changed the impossible to possible,all this was achieved by not giving up and holding on to the vision and a better tommorrow. Let us read first hand information from Avni as she narrated.

Chapter 1
l shed floods of tears as l was giving my father a good bye kiss.Pain sliced through me like million slices when he was burried. l could not bare  the pain of losing my father.l had a hard time to believe that l had finally lost the most important person in my life.

My name is Avni. l used to live with a happy family which was made up of my brother,two little sisters,my mother,my father and l.We were six  in our family.My father was a lawyer Whilst my mother was still looking for a job as a teacher.She had graduated at  belvedere teachers college in Harare Zimbabwe. My brother, little sisters and l were still going to school.

Rain teemed down with great intensity and to this, a cold wind added a savage maliciousness on the 10th of October 2000. As Dady was driving his way home from work. It was a rainy day such that he could not see properly. He decided to park his car side ways so as to wait until the rain had subside.

As he was  driving out of the road,a fast moving lorry blew a hoot to my father's car but it was too late. Dad's car was crushed beyond recognition by that lorry. Sadly,he was seriously injured and he did not survive.The friend of my father summoned my mother and informed her about the serious accident my  father had.When my mother heard that ,fear of losing her better half gripped her like a fever.

She could not afford to lose her husband above all,our family only depended on him.He was the only person who was working and losing him was a disaster to my family.When my mother informed my brother,two little sisters and l about the  accident of our father,we immediately rushed where the accident occurred.

Upon arrival,l saw my father laying down hopelessly in a pool of blood.He was seriously injured and that gave me an obvious sign that he was not going to survive.l then advanced toward him.

Fortunately,he was still breathing.When he saw me,Dady managed to say a few words before taking his last breath.He said," my little Princess when you grow up please take care of your mother because i love her. Work hard in school and fear nothing when you face stormy times,God is with you,hard work pays off". With these words he breathed his last.

Chapter 2
When l realised that my father was gone,l was in great shock, for a moment it felt like a nightmare,so my wish was to wake up at that very moment.As mom was trying to call an ambulance she eventually rushed were i was  to see the reason why l was crying.The moment she noticed that her husband was no more, she lost her consciousness.

My brother,little sisters and l cried even more
when our mother was unconscious.We were
crying as if we were on a choir practice. We thought that we had lost them both.An ambulance was called and my mother was
taken to the hospital.

l was relieved when the doctors informed us that Momy would be alright.My father was taken to the mochary as we prepared for his burial.Two days later, we  travelled to the rural areas for the burial,in attendance was his friends,colleagues and relatives.After the burial of my father,we travelled back home and started a new life without him,even though he was and still is in our hearts.

Tears,sorrow and pain was now our new breakfast,lunch and dinner.Everyone who used to love us when our father was still alive dissapeared into thin air. No one was interested in helping and supporting us even though they had promised to stand with us during the funeral. I realised that our relatives had no love towards us.

They were just pretending as if they loved us because they only wanted  the wealthy of my father. My  two uncles and aunt started fighting over the property of my father few days after his burial.My family had no right at my father's possessions because mother did not have a legal marriage certificate. At the same time there was no will document so everything was just on the relatives side.

Everything that belonged to our father was
taken by our two uncles and aunt.Sadly, my mother had nothing of her own.She only depended on her husband's property since she was not employed. 

Even though we were left with nothing, my mother still had a plan b.Her mother was still alive but she lived next to nothing.She also depended with my mother's better half.We moved in her one roomed house.My two little sisters, brother and l stopped going to school because my mother could not afford the school fees and she had no one who wanted to help her.

At that time my brother was doing his second year at Mashonaland University when our father passed away. One of my little sisters was in grade six and the other one was in grade one. l was in form four. Each day of our life was now a struggle. We struggled to get everything especially food and clothes.After all food and clothes are human needs and it is hard to survive without them.

Five years later by the grace of God, my mother was employed at Asisi  Secondary School. We were very happy on the day that our mother was employed. We were as happy as a lark. Our life turned a new leaf when we least expected it.Everything in our life started flowing like river nile.

When my two uncles,aunt and other relatives of my father heard the news about my mother's employment ,they became jealousy.They were hurt the  most when my mom bought a house and a car. My brothers,little sisters and l got a chance to proceed with our studies.

The devil's favourite  demons always tried their best to make us suffer whilst their lives seemed to be bright.My aunt proved to be a devil's agent when she heard that mom had bought a house and a car.

Aunt gave over a million dollars to the lawyers for them to lie that my mother was a murderer and was responsible for the death of my father  indorder for her to become rich.Sadly, they managed to prove that my mother was responsible for the death of my father and she was sentenced to life in prison.

The worst thing about it was that l was in the dark.l did not know that my aunt was responsible for sending my mother in prison.However,there are two things that are not hidden forever. These two things are truth and secret.They always find their way  to reveal themselves.

When our mother was sent to prison, my aunt took my mother's possessions.Aunt accused  mother that she had stollen money from my father and caused his death.She took the money,house and car literally everything we had. My brother,little sisters,grand mother and l were left with nothing.We began to struggle again.

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