To car owners read this

I have a dream car and it is.....
How amazing is this,almost every human out there have their dream car of a certain name and brand. Well i personally believe that we cars are the same, what seperates us are brands and models. As for me i am happy to be part of the Toyota family. We are a happy family and we always deliver to our masters. Obviously we differ from model and so is the buying price. 

I am a car and a road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people. As cars our mission is to carry people and goods to their various destinies making life easy and enjoyable for everyone. 

I am made of Engine parts,drive transmission and steering parts, suspension and brake parts,Electrical parts, Body and chassis. There are a lot of parts that makes a car and hopefully by the end of this post i would have described somw of them. 

Let us dive back in the past for once, It is generally acknowledged that the first really practical automobiles with petrol/gasoline-powered internal combustion engines were completed almost simultaneously by several German inventors working independently: Karl Benz built his first automobile in 1885 in Mannheim. 

Now if you can do your math correctly, i have existed for over a century that is about 135 years old. Imagine that. With time moving we can now see a lot of models coming up like Lamborghini,
Mustang,Jaguar, Ferrari, Suzuki, PorscheBMW,Chevrolet, Mazda, Honda and Audi amoung others. Being a car is an amazing thing you got to drive people around the world as you go to different places and I really enjoy being a car.

I was bought back in 2008 in a local car sale and since then I'm still around. let's talk about the challenges that we face day in and day out week in and week out year in and year out I mean they're just a lot of them. 

We Face bad roads, in this case this affect our suspension badly, bad weather that affects the entire body frame of the car from Windows, roof, paint, frame, wheels i mean almost everything can be affected by bad weather. 

Bad weather can be stormy weather conditions and sunny weather conditions, floods, heavy snow amoung other bad weather conditions. Bad driving can lead serious accidents which may heavily damage the car or take the owner's life. 

What i love about all this is that it can be avoidable. So we urge humans to take extreme caution when driving on the roads.Also apply for driver's license before driving a car this saves you a lot of trouble.So we going to talk about my favourite part of my body! Crazy right? the good part is that we all know about this part, The clutch! Here are its functions.

Functions of clutch
- To disconnect
the engine power
from the gear box as required, under the following
- to start the engine and warm it up;
-to engage first and second gear to start the vehicle
from rest;
- to facilitate changing the gear as required; and
- disconnect from the engine to stop the vehicle after
application of brakes.
-To allow the engine to take up load gradually without shock or jerk.

A car is a special member of the family. We need it all the time. Let us continue driving observing the road rules and laws as breaking them can lead to death or jail sentences, in other countries you can be banned from driving even for a life time.

Do not drink and drive, be responsible of your actions at all time. A healthy vehicle is always serviced on a regular basis. 

A wash is necessary when the car is dirty and a respray is a must when rust starts to come out. Read updated road rules more often and practise good driving. 

Remember not to be emotional when youre driving as this may cause a lot of trouble. When you feel sleepy it is advised not to drive. When you are not fit to drive use alternatives, above all let us continue practicing good driving and preserve loss of life. 

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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