An open letter about bathing

Take a sit and have a glass of water while reading this post, gather around and read this post out loud! Bathing is the washing of body with liquid , basically water with soap. There are a lot of Questions people ask and i have the answers right down this post.

How many times should i take a bath in a day

For men once or twice is good while for women twice or more is advised. For instance you work up and take a bath, during the day you are probably working so imagine going to sleep with all that sweat, not good right. As for women you should be fresh always! This plays a bigger part in your marriage. When you keep yourself fresh your husband will be attracted the most. 

Some men end up cheating because of silly issues like these, some may not be able to open up to tell you to improve bathing sessions and they end up cheating.The competition out there is very real, young girls are always looking fresh so it is very easy for a married man to get attracted to such women especially if his wife lacks bathing time. Protect your marriage and bath as many times as you can.

Can i bath at night

Yes taking a bath at night is so refreshing. When you do so you get to relax and your muscles will have time to stretch out. During the day the body is overworking so when you take a bath before bed time, hahaaha that is a good thing for your health. When you love yourself i believe taking a bath will not be so much of a problem.

Can i take a shower once a month

This may sound like a crazy question but it is real. Just like you where taught to walk that is the same with everything. We need to be educated in each and every area of our lives so that when it comes to decision making,  we don't struggle that much. How on a earth can a living,  normal human being take a bath once a month? the answer is no!

What happens when i skip bath for 7 days

I think you are not seeing this from another angle,  let me show you. What happens when you don't eat for seven days? Now you see, just because it is bathing so it becomes a petty issue yet it is not. If you skip shower for 7 days your body will be more than dirty. You will develop a bad smell and no one will want to get close to you. You may end up losing friends so please take a bath everyday just like you love eating.

How do i bath
Get a bucket of water be it warm or cold. Walk to the bathroom accoumpanied by your soap and towel. Once all the clothes are off,  you can start from top going down or the opposite. Lets say you're using soap, rub the soap on your towel and make sure it is wet. Once there is more foarmth you can start rubbing the towel to all the parts of your body more frequently. Indeed that is bathing! So taking a shower can take from 5 minutes up to 30 mintues. This depends on how much time you are interested in.


Above all,  it is a good thing and a bigger self benefit if you just fall inlove with water,  taking some time showering. If you are nof familiar with cold water try warm water. Let us keep our bodies clean and embrace bathing.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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