Explaining proverbs season 7

What is troubling you? hey hard times never kills. Yes the times are hard, there is darkness everywere and you are in dispare. Let me remind you that there is a thing called hope. Hope overcomes all negativity and when you hold to hope, victory is guarranteed. Never stop believing for challenges come so that you can prove your worth for that dream. 

A bad husband cannot be a good man

To become a good man takes everything from attitude, character,  self control,  maturity, care etc. Now when married  you just don't become a husband but you become a father as well. There is your wife and now your kids, balancing two requires wisdom. Your actions will tell if you are a good husband or not.

With all due respect,  men let us love our women and children wholeheartedly. That level of commitment you had since day one should keep burning even in marriage. Don't be a bad husband but long to be a good husband and please your family always.

A fool may give counsel to a wise man

The world has become judgemental. People seem to remember your bad works more than they remember those good works you have done. A fool is someone below standard or someone far from normal. But this doesn't mean what ever a fool says or does is not valid. Wise people listen more than they talk, this is why even a fool will give counsel to the wise, that is wisdom.

Flies are easier caught with honey than with vinegar

I know you're tired of trying because you have been failing a lot. There is an answer to every situation and the idea is to know how you can apply. What is the easier way to pass exams between cheating and studying? that is the exact same issue here. Know how and when to apply your formular. These are the simple rules of success.

Honesty is the best policy

Have you ever wondered what seperates us as human beings? honesty is the difference.If two people are honest in their relationship the two can achieve anything. This can lead to marriage  simply because of honesty. Cheaters won't reach anywere close to an enjoyable lifestyle. Dishonesty at times will lead you to lonely places like prison. 

Most people who are serving jail terms because they failed to be honest and they ended up in serious trouble. Be honest with yourself before you can be honest with anybody else. That way everyone will want to be around you and this will create doors in yourlife. Doors than no force, no enemy will shut. Honesty will payback your good deeds, be honest in everything you do and God will lead you to greener pastures.

Good begginings will make good endings

Having a good start requires all the tools to finish strong. There are certain forces like negativity that come along the journey and if you don't get rid of them, you will drawn. Maintain good standards and aim higher. Stay focused and let focus be your best friend. Keep moving, keep pushing, keep dreaming and you will make it. Nothing is impossible to those who believe.

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