Proverbs season 4

Children are what you make them

Growing up i didn't understand why my father would monitor me this close. He would chasten me whenever i made a mistake and this created a room for me to grow im the right way. Now i am grown and i can fully understand he did that so i could grow as a good child. Parents come to fail to correct their children at an earlier stage. When parents fail to control their children at an early stage they are guaranteed a disaster when the kids are grown.  

Is it love that makes parents not to chasen the kids as they grow up. Kids grow up out of control and they tend to do anything good or bad. If you are a parent and you want your children to grow in the right direction just make sure you make an effort in guiding them. Chastening your daughter when she does wrong won't mean that you don't love her. Please take control of your children whilst they are growing up. Stop spoiling them and teach them to work hard and earn a living.

A bad excuse is better than none at all

This proverb is teaching us about accountability. These are the basics that make a huge impact in our life. For example you had promised your wife to come home by 7pm but then you came in late sometthing like an hour and a half late. Because she is your wife you may not give her any explanation and you expect her to understand yet all she will be looking forward is atleast an excuse. The aftermath of that is really bad. In all your circles just learn to be accountable.

It is never too late to mend

Did you know that no one can change the past? Even if you try it is impossible. What happened once it is behind then that is it. The only way to mend the past is determined by what happens in the present. Work towards dialogue with the person you wronged and forgive each other. 

Surely time is the best healer of everything. The new page can be better than the old one if there is inclusive cooperation. Simetimes find a mediator to mediate your ties.Timing is the best so the right time to engage with her, him, them is now. Do it now and you will have a beautiful start.

Follow the river and you will find the sea

Dreamers and dream chasers will understand this better. I have a dream and i am following it. I believe that there is more in the near future and i will achieve my goals. Follow your passion and soon you will make it. Work towards achieving your goals and do something about it day in and day out. 

Along the way there are obstacles and obstacles are there to challenge you. When they do at times it will seem as if it is over. Then that is the point where a lot of people fail in life. But you can decide to move forward or to give up. Even if the conditions are saying its over i believe a dreamer will never give in. Keep moving for nothing in life comes easy.

Birds of the same furthers flock together

Even in reality surely they do flock together. I have never seen an eagle flying together with a parot. No! So what does that mean?This means that you and i must know and understand our class. First grade students cannot be in the same ckass with third grade students. The only way to avoid pain in this life is by identifying your class. Once you master that you won't struggle hanging around with people that are not meant to be with you.

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