They talk to me


Humans! how are you keeping? as for me and my kind we are very blessed. My name is maize and i am going to unpack everything you need to know. It starts with a small seed being planted down to the ground, the seed dies to bring life to the plant which will give back a bigger percentage of yield in return, if all the required conditions are available. We are grown during summer cropping season and most farmers make a living out of us.

Now let us say all went well during the farming season,  now it is harvesting time. We are taken to the market for resell. There are food products that require maize during production which are Mealie-meal, sorbitol,oil cake, corn steep liquor, corn fibre, bollo and cornick amoung others not mentioned. Maize come with healthy benefits which are vitamin b12, iron, folic acid, preserve healthy skin, energy enhancer and helpful during pregnancy.


I am a lion the king of the jungle. One of the most respected spicies of the jungle and i am also very dangerous. I am a carnivore and i prey on meat.Be it big animals such as wildebeest, buffaloes and zebras they stand no chance at all. Sometimes i hunt on hippopotamuses, young elephants and baboons.

Humans fear us and just because they are not on the list doesn't mean they are not food. The idea is to stay away from us and you will never see us knocking at your doors. The national parks are making a living out of us and protecfing us as well. A lot of people come at game parks taking pictures  for whatever reason, we just enjoy being alone.


The fact is i am not happy at all! how many animals globally depend on me? how many projects like thetching depend on me? how many times have you humans burn a bush of grass leaving the soil exposed? i am not saying anything further until someone answers these questions!

Cooking oil

I cooking oil is made from  vegetable  oil  derived from olives, peanuts, and of course  safflowers. I would like to thank farmers who produce all the plants that are used to make cooking oil, you are awesome! We come with different kinds and these are  vegetable oil, canola oil, pure olive oil, peanut oil and safflower.

There are global companies that produce our kind and Carfil, Ancher daniels, Midland, Bunge Limited,  Fortune, Sihai and Igredion are amoung the producers. We  have healthy benefits for humans and vitamin E is inside me, well i guess you cannot live without me and i wouldn't want to imagine this world in short of oil.


Allow me to introduce myself and my kind.I am a structure that is built above a railway, river, or road so as to allow people or vehicles to cross from one side to the other. We come in different types which are Arch bridge, suspension bridge, cantilever bridge and truss bridge. Steel, concrete, asphalt, timber, rubber and iron are some of the materials used to make bridges.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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