This is why we all need the rain

The raining season  is the time of year when most of a region's rugular annual rainfall take place. In most cases the season lasts at least a month. The term 'green season' is also sometimes used as a euphemism by tourist authorities. I live in Zimbabwe and we are located in Southern Africa. We normally receive rainfall between November and March.

Events during raining season

As farmers prepare their land for the new farming season basically around October we get to see a lot of preperation taking place. They buy seeds depending on what tbey produce be it wheat, maize, soyabeans, potatoes, tobbaco amoung other crops. We cannot talk about farming without mentioning labour.

The people that work on farms play a bigger role to the success or downfall of a yield. There are a lot of people that get employed during the wet season making life a bit easier as they can spend  the money on paying different bills and supporting their families. Farm owners benefit the most when harvesting time comes as they make their way to the market. A farmer can make up to 5 figure cash per season or more. 

But this cannot happen if it is not in the wet season.There are other people who make a living from fishing, while some have taken a huge step by fish farming even in their home backyards. The rainy season comes with a wide range of opportunities to make money.Lets talk about those who produce vegetables, this time of the year they usually make huge profits since there will be more availability of water. Nationally this is the time where athletics takes place be it in schools or clubs.

What to do during rainy season

I will start with precautions first, during raining you need to make sure you are warm at the same time you are either home or somewhere safe. Do not stand under a tree or hold any objects that are lightning conductors. When driving it is advised to drive at lower speeds and keeping a distance from a vehicle ahead of you. If the rain is too much you may post pond the journey as it is safe to do so. 

Crossing flooded rivers and bridges can be life risking and it is not advised. At home make sure that the floor is dry, put on dry shoes when handling electrical appliances to avoid electrical shocks. In case of floods alert the responsible authorities in time.  You may want to start a farming project and this can be the right time so, water harvesting is encouraged remember water is indeed a precious liquid.

Protct the environment

Mother nature has been on the bad receiving end and we humans are to blame. During rainy season this is where we face the results of our actions. Think about all the litre, waste, trees that are nolonger there, land destroyed by brick moulding and gold panning amoung other facts.

All this will badly affect the land during the raining season which may cause deases like cholera and typhoid or natural disasters like floods etc. You and me have a row to the naturing of our beautiful earth. Let us be responsible and avoid climate change as this will badly affect us and the generations to come.

My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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