How to be a good caring father and husband

It is every child's dream to have a super daddy,it is every woman's dream to have a super husband a super man. I am still wondering why most men change from superman to the opposite. This usually happens when a couple finally settles. 

Those special little things that used to bring you together seem to fly away through the window. As a result the sweet marriage turns to become sour. A lot of women are having sleepless nights wondering what came and took away the magical love.

To some extent other women end up praying and fasting for years just to win their superman back. It is unfortunate that as men we seem not care anymore. But at the end of the day we are suppressing our beautiful women instead of keeping the blue flame on. As Nyasha Nation it is our duty to make sure such brocken hearts are mended back together. 

The only way to become a superdady to your kids again and a superheroe to your wife is by doing the right thing. Pay attention to what your wife and kids are saying. Give them time to know what they are thinking. Gather around and watch movies together as a family. Have breakfast together,have lunch as a family. Try to take your family out to a an environment that is far from home. 

Dance even if you cant,sing even if your voice is the worst on earth. By doing so you are creating a huge bond with them. Help your son or daughter with homework. Take selfies or even funny videos together. These are the small things that shape a bigger family. 

Most importantly love your family like it is the last day on earth. Dont give too much attention on your gadgets. Spend sometime with family. Go to church with them even for a drive or a jog. You find out that it does not cost as much as it does when the marriage is brocken. Be a good super dady today!


My name is Nyasha Ernest Matanda and blogging is my burning desire
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