Donald Trump was booed by some of his supporters as he admitted to having gotten a COVID-19 booster jab.When he confessed he had gotten a another dose, the former US president heckled by audience members in Dallas on Sunday.It comes as United States researchers and officials call on the population to get vaccinated amidst a rise in cases due to the Omicron variant.

Mr Trump has actually rarely talked about whether he has had the vaccine and has largely declined to encourage others to get it - despite promoting his administration's efforts to develop them.In a video shared by Bill O'Reilly's "No spin news" Twitter account, Mr Trump can be heard talking about the vaccine with the former Fox News host.

Mr O'Reilly states: "Both the President and I are vaxxed."He then asks his visitor: "Did you get the booster?" to which Mr Trump replies "Yes.". Members of the audience can immediately be heard mocking in action to the admission.Mr Trump states: "Don't, don't, do not, don't, don't," before indicating to Mr O'Reilly that it's originating from a, "extremely small group over there.".

In a longer video later tweeted by Mr O'Reilly's website, Mr Trump cautions supporters that they are "playing right into their hands" by not taking credit for them.

" Look, we did something that was historic, we conserved 10s of countless lives worldwide. We, together, everyone, not me," Mr Trump states in the video.He goes on to say that COVID-19 was going to "ravage the country far beyond what it is right now" without the vaccines.He stated: "Take credit for it. Take credit for it. It's fantastic. What we've done is historic. Do not let them take it away. Don't take it far from yourselves." You are playing right into their hands when you're sort of like: "Oh the vaccine.".

" If you don't desire to take it, you should not be required to take it. No mandates. But take credit, because we saved tens of millions of lives. Take credit. Don't let them take that far from you.".Mr Trump, who contracted the infection when he was president, received his first jab behind closed doors before leaving office.

However, the former president told the Wall Street Journal in September that he was not likely to get the booster jab.He added that he seemed like he was "in good shape from that standpoint" and "probably won't" get the booster." I'll take a look at things later," he added." I'm not against it, however it's probably not for me.". This is not the first time Mr Trump has actually been consulted with this sort of reaction when discussing vaccines.

During an occasion in Alabama in August, the same happened when he stated: "I believe completely in your freedoms. I do. You've got to do what you have to do. But I suggest, take the vaccines. I did it. It's great. Take the vaccines.".As he was booed he added,: "No, that's OK. That's all right. You got your freedoms but I occurred to take the vaccine. If it doesn't work, you'll be the first to know, OK?".