Algeria 0-1 Equatorial Guinea: Africa Cup of Nations-- Second Half action as it happened


Full-time: Algeria 0-1 Equatorial Guinea

What a shock, the story of the tournament so far! Algeria were woeful but Equatorial Guinea, scorer and brave defender, has actually been the match-winner.

90 +4 minutes: Esteban is booked for some theatrics, and there's a possibility for Algeria to get it launched into the box. That, like everything else from Algeria, is lost.

90 +3 minutes: Dorian has a shot that's saved as Equatorial Guinea are pinning back Algeria, who have 4 men upfield but can't get the ball.

90 +2 minutes: Edu, the star of the program, leaves the field. Eneme Bocari comes on, he bets Nantes reserves. He nearly gets a goal nearly instantly however takes a wild swing.

90 min: Five minutes are included on. By the method, we are told the team in the lead here are the 49th-ranked team in Africa. Can that be right?

89 minutes: Equatorial Guinea have the ball in the Algerian half and are doing their best to kill time.

87 min: Belmadi is going bonkers on the sidelines. His team are on the brink of a major humiliation here.

85 min: Algeria pressure now, with Mahrez getting area and time down the flanks. Coco heads away with Slimani the target for the balls pumped into the box. Brahimi gets to the byline, and Esteban gets it clear. Then there's a faller in package, and a penalty claim. Belaïli was falling before the challenge came in.

83 min: Algeria have the ball in the net! Belaïli buries the ball but he's offside, and he knows it. A neat finish however eventually a waste of the time that is ticking down.

82 min: A glimpse of Mahrez, but he has to dig out the ball from the sideline, and Belaïli swings a volley at it, and after that Slimani swung and missed. Oh dear.

81 min: Equatorial Guinea fans imagined in the stands, to state they are going wild is wildly understating things. The Algerians look desolate.

79 minutes: Slimani gets the header from a corner and there is a weak penalty claim made as Owono wins the ball ahead of onrushing Algerian attackers. Owono then takes his time after taking a knock.

77 min: Edu is down, and he's taking his time over this. The referee will not be enabling any time-wasting.

75 min: The Algerian plan now appears to: launch it at Slimani, who is a great finisher, however he's likewise up against a defence who appear geared up to deal with the rough things.

74 min: The Algeria body language is not great. They have been bad all night and enabled themselves to get frustrated, and then caught out.

72 min: The goal celebrations took a while there, and Algeria practically get caught once again at the other end by another rapid break.

Goal! Algeria 0-1 Equatorial Guinea (Esteban, 70).

After Dorian Junior forces a corner, Algeria make a dreadful mess of the corner and it's poked house by Esteban at the back post. We have a shock on our hands, a huge shock.

67 minutes: Free-kick chance for Mahrez, after a melee on the edge of the Guinean box. Edu is the draught excluder, and Mahrez sets up Belaïli for the hit. It comes off the wall and bounces behind.

65 minutes: As another Algeria free-kick is lost, another modification is made. 2 in truth, Miranda on, Bikoro off. Dorian Jnr on, and Yannick goes off. As soon as more, the stadium commentator does the business.

64 min: Two Algeria subs, off go Feghouli and on comes Boulaya. Then on comes Slimani for the peaceful Bounedjah.

62 min: Algeria look for holes in the opposition defence but can't find much of a method through. This time, they try to be patient but lose the ball, just for Bendebka to be fouled.

60 minutes: Atal's foul wins Equatorial Guinea a free-kick, but this one is blammed into the wall.

58 minutes: Mahrez being followed everywhere by N'Dong, and Coco brings the ball out of defence in the style of Ruud Krol or Marius Tresor.

57 min: Close! Belaïli heads the ball down and it's only simply hacked off the line by a pulling back defender.

56 minutes: At this point, Mahrez, who has actually done so little in this game, need to be wishing he might have been sunning himself in Cheshire rather than this.

54 minutes: Tahrat comes on for Benlamri, whose game, and perhaps tournament is at an end. The girl announcing subs in the stadium doesn't make any error in letting the stadium know about modifications, providing the message loud and often.

52 min: Equatorial Guinea have had the much better chances. Nlavo is causing problems, and Benlamri is on the end of a challenge that ends with the defender bring up.

51 min: Edu - excellent again- drives past Bensebaini, and then the sub, Nlavo, gets 2 chances at it, hitting the very first at the keeper and the second off the keeper.

49 minutes: Djamel Belmadi, the Manchester City legend who is the Algeria manager, is wearing a pained expression. This is not flowing football. And his team are having a hard time for a circulation.

47 minutes: We begin with a foul, with Atal collapsing to the flooring with a head injury. However play is waved on quickly enough.

46 min: The tempers are still flaring, with Algerians attempting referee Escobar before we even begin. A sub is made, with Siafa going off, and Nlavo Asué beginning.

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