Wednesday 26 January 2022

"It'll be over before you understand it" - Brock Lesnar gets a warning from 7-time champion

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar has received a stern caution from Bobby Lashley ahead of their dream match this weekend.Lesnar is set to safeguard the WWE Championship against Lashley at the Royal Rumble premium live event. The Almighty has actually been vocal about wanting a match against The Beast Incarnate since his WWE return in 2018 and will finally get his shot.

Throughout the buildup of this feud on RAW, Lesnar has taken Lashley extremely lightly, refusing to acknowledge him as a risk to his title reign. The previous WWE Champion has now sent out a caution message to his challenger ahead of their Royal Rumble match.

" 80 hours away. Keep taking me gently Brock. It'll be over before you understand it. #RoyalRumble #BobbyVsBrock #WWETitle #AndNew" wrote Bobby Lashley in his tweet.

There are currently reported plans for Brock Lesnar to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38. Lesnar was originally scheduled to face Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WWE Day 1 previously this month. However, Reigns tested positive for COVID-19 and was forced to miss the show.

As a last-minute change, Lesnar was contributed to the WWE Championship match at the show which he won to become the new champion.

There was a great deal of speculation that Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns might face-off in a "champion vs. champion" match at WrestleMania. However, Dave Meltzer recently reported that WWE does not prepare to enter that instructions.

" I was informed no," Melter stated. "Because those two people had the belt at the time, they simply did it. So it made good sense to do it at the time. But, at the time, that was not the direction that they were planning on ... Lesnar and Reigns are going to have a match. I think we'll have a lot much better idea of what's gon na occur after the Royal Rumble.".

Meltzer then provided his viewpoint on what he believed would take place if Seth Freakin' Rollins wound up beating Reigns at the premium live event." But, if Seth wins and then Lesnar's wrestling Roman, I would presume Roman beats him to win a belt back. Because Lesnar's not going to be around long-term and Roman will be around every week.".

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