Thursday, 6 January 2022

Booker T: Big E's WWE Title Loss Compared To His Loss To Triple H

Throughout the current Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed the centerpiece of Day 1. The match saw Brock Lesnar win the WWE Championship, ending Big E's run. The Hall Of Famer believes it is a psychological circumstance, but he claims it's everything about the show.

" It's an emotional thing because Big E lost," Booker T confessed. "He simply got it, 'why does Big E need to lose?' But for me, I simply never look at it that way. It's about the show. It's about going out there and entertaining, it's about giving the fans those moments to where they are unpleasant. There again, they'll awaken this morning and have some emotion for Big E actually losing and truly feel for Big E in fact losing, instead of simply another match."

Booker T then compared the loss to his WrestleMania encounter with Triple H, believing individuals will get up feeling a specific way. Booker mentioned that fans were disturbed about his loss to The Game as it was a psychological storyline.

" I remember when I lost to Triple H. People actually felt a certain way the next early morning because the story was, I should have won. Big E remained in a position where a lot of people seem like, 'man he need to have won.' However there once again, he has the opportunity to come back and redeem himself. Seriously, people still feel a specific method about it," Booker assessed his loss to Triple H.

" Because it was a mentally charged angle," he said. "To where people, particularly of color, felt like I've got to get my hands on him. Booker T's got to head out there and take care of this piece of business. I completely get it. However, I simply think in the grand plan of things, I really believe it was the best thing to do."

While Big E is no longer the champion, Booker T believes it is the time for him to change. He now wishes to see the New Day member switch gears moving forwards, specifically with the talent he needs to work with.

" Big E truly has a possibility to raise himself from this thing," he said. "Because, the individual that must be more checked off coming out of this thing, the single person that his gears should change coming after this, it ought to be Big E. The modifications that we've seen in Big E must be nothing compared to what we see from Big E going forward. Particularly with the talent that surounds him right now."

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