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5 things WWE RAW got right last night: Champion ruined; Kevin Owens calls out Hall of Famer


After a successful MSG live show, WWE RAW opened with highlights of Saturday night before getting down to business. Alpha Academy Defended their RAW Tag Team Championships in the only championship on Monday night. They were challenged by The RK-Bro and Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins.Edge was likewise scheduled to appear on the show after viciously assaulting AJ Styles last week. It was revealed that Styles had suffered an injury after getting two con-chair-to shots from Edge on RAW.

Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan beat the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions in a non-title match on RAW. The two ladies now find themselves in the race for the titles at WrestleMania 38.United States Champion Finn Balor competed in his first televised match since winning the title. He handled Austin Theory in the main event of the show. The Miz and Logan Paul also hosted an underwhelming segment to keep the show rolling. 

Have a look at the 5 things WWE RAW got right on last night's episode.

# 5 In things WWE RAW solved today: The RK-Bro won back the tag team championships

Kevin Owens made his way to the ring with Seth Rollins for the opening match of WWE RAW. Before the contest, they discussed getting a spot on the WrestleMania 38 card. The two other tag teams joined them before the match got underway.Unlike the typical triple threat tag team matches where 2 super stars complete in the ring at the same time, this match saw one man from each team contend at the same time. All 3 groups revealed excellent chemistry that resulted in some huge areas throughout the contest.

Owens and Rollins appeared like the favorites in the contest, and fans had their back. They struck lots of huge areas to make big cheers from the crowd. Otis assisted with a Tower of Doom spot and got a terrific response from fans.The Viper struck his signature moves and kept getting his team back in the contest. He struck the most unforgettable move of the night by capturing Chad Gable with an RKO mid-moonsault.Owens struck Gable with a Stunner followed by a Stomp from Rollins. Nevertheless, Riddle threw The Visionary out of the ring and took the pinfall for the victory.

The contest was remarkably reserved as it had some memorable moments. Alpha Academy is an excellent team, but they were up against much larger names. RK-Bro winning back the titles suggests that they will be defending at WrestleMania 38. It might lead to a match between them and the team of Kevin Owens & Rollins at the show.

# 4. Bron Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa defeated Dirty Dawgs

Bron Breakker battled in his first match on WWE RAW.Bron Breakker came out for his first match on WWE RAW today Breakker coordinated with fellow NXT Superstar Tommaso Ciampa to handle Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode.Roode kicked things off with Breakker and ate a big vertical suplex early on. Ciampa was available in and worked over the veteran before Ziggler ran a distraction. Roode took advantage and hit a spinebuster to return in the contest.The Dirty Dawgs separated Ciampa for a long time and kept him far from his partner. The Blackheart made a hot tag to Breakker, who blew up into the contest. He took lots of moves from Ziggler but kept returning as much as provide some of his own.

He finally hit a Gorilla Press Powerslam and pinned him to make a statement in his first match on RAW The action was top-notch, and Breakker looked like a true star in this one.Ziggler might wind up getting the pin on Ciampa in the NXT Championship match on Tuesday night. The finish might allow Breakker to move to the red brand full-time.

# 3. Edge cut an enthusiastic promo after turning heel last week.

Edge discussed his actions on WWE RAW.
WWE Hall of Famer Edge walked out on WWE RAW after Omos squashed Apollo Crews in a fast match. The Rated-R Superstar aimed to discuss his actions from last week after he attacked AJ Styles.
Edge did not feel any remorse after his actions as he wanted to help Styles. He wished to awaken the "flesh-tearing pitbull" inside The Phenomenal and bring his finest to WrestleMania 38.

He also said he wished to open his eyes and understand that he is now in control of everything. He ended his promo by gazing a hole through the WWE Universe.
The promo was short however effective. The Ultimate Opportunist is among the very best mic workers in the industry, and he did not disappoint. Nevertheless, there wasn't anything various in this promo as compared to the ones he cut during his Universal Championship feud.He came out without his music this week to add a nice touch to the character change. Ideally, Styles will be back quickly to respond to Edge before the two men get in the ring at WrestleMania 38.

# 2. Damian Priest interfered in Finn Balor's match against Austin Theory

Damian Priest declined to let Finn Balor rest on WWE RAW.Austin Theory came out to face United States Champion Finn Balor in a non-title match on WWE RAW The Prince unleashed on him early and strike a big Sunset Flip to set the tone of the contest.

Theory chose the ATL early, however Balor countered it and strike a huge stomp on the apron. The two extraordinary professional athletes continued to trade some top changes and kept the action ticking.Balor hit a shotgun dropkick in the corner and prepared for the Coup de Grace. Damian Priest came out and struck him with a chokeslam from the top rope.
Priest once again punished Balor by hitting the Razor's Edge - leaving him in a heap. Theory ended the segment by taking a selfie with The Prince for good measure.
Balor and Theory have actually put on some truly good matches together. The two men might soon wind up having a fantastic contest for a top title. The Archer of Infamy has had a significant heel turn on RAW, and it could result in some excellent matches for him down the line.

# 1. Kevin Owens called out a WWE Hall of Famer on RAW.

Kevin Owens was absolutely gutted by the loss on WWE RAW. He wanted to make it to WrestleMania 38 and was looking for a way to make a spot on the show.

KO appeared later in the night and said he had found out a way to still include on The Show of Shows. He said he wanted to host the most significant edition of The KO Show ever at WrestleMania 38.

He dismissed the concept of Booker T, JBL, or Shawn Michaels appearing on his show. Rather, he called out "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to come out in his home state to take a Stunner from him.Owens has actually constantly been fantastic on the mic, and he has actually succeeded to develop the segment. It appears like the heel will finally come face-to-face with The Rattlesnake.Owens has actually been utilizing Austin's finisher generously for some time now. He could end up being on the getting end of a disastrous Stunner from the man himself at WrestleMania 38.

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