Numerous Vladimir Putin's Russian Soldiers 'Refuse To Combat,' Storm Off With Equipment

Hundreds of soldiers in Vladimir Putin's Russian army have reportedly stormed off their combat zones with their equipment after refusing to obey an order.According to the Daily Star, Russian soldiers left with 70 systems of equipment in the north-eastern city of Sumy. reports the variety of soldiers that declined the order and left is 300.

" In the Okhtirsky district of the Sumy region, the facts of disobedience to the Russian military servicemen were recorded," one staffer told the outlet. "Close to 300 occupiers were ordered to perform battle operations, which, utilizing 70 pieces of equipment, abandoned the area of the operation."The current news comes as Putin's captured troops are reportedly turning on the controversial Russian President.

Those who have been seized by Ukrainian troops are presumably urging others to stand up against Putin and warning there aren't enough soldiers to effectively take control of Ukraine. They are also informing fellow fighters that fallen soldiers are being tossed into shallow graves.

Putin has actually been called out by those who have given up on fighting.

" Putin, without declaring war, is bombing homeowners, healthcare facilities, cities of Ukraine," surrendered soldier Alexei Zheleznyak stated during a recent press conference.Attempting to turn others against the president, Zheleznyak continued, "People of Russia, don't take a look at the zombies. The Ukrainian people are brave people. They will stop this (Russian) equipment even without weapons. They are unified."He then identified Putin a "phony.".

" No matter just how much Putin sends his troops here, he will not capture this territory . Our commander-in-chief is a liar and a deceiver of all our people," he went on, including, "He tricked not only us, however the entire of Russia. He simply made fascists out of us.".

There are currently inconsistencies about the number of Russian soldiers have passed away in the month-long war.

Russian authorities claim only 498 of their soldiers have passed away in battle, however Ukraine says that's not real. Ukrainian officials allege their soldiers have in fact killed over 13,500 Russian soldiers.Members of Putin's army aren't the only ones paranoid. The Russian leader has apparently replaced 1,000 of his staffers due to fear he's being poisoned.

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