Ship carrying 4,000 high-end cars and trucks sinks off the Azores

A freight ship that was carrying thousands of high-end automobiles has sunk off the Portuguese Azores island chain, almost two weeks after it ignited.The ship, called Felicity Ace, was carrying around 4,000 automobiles such as Porsches and Bentleys.

The vessel was on its way to Rhode Island in the United States from the German port of Emden when the fire broke out.All of its team members were rescued when the fire broke out on February 16.

Joao Mendes Cabecas, the captain of the nearby port on the island of Faial, told Reuters that no oil leakage had been reported up until now however stated there were worries the fuel tanks could be damaged while the vessel lies at the bottom of the Atlantic at a depth of around 3,500 metres (2.17 miles).

Portugal's navy said no one was injured by the fire which the 22 team members were taken to a hotel after the navy, 4 merchant ships cruising in the area and the Portuguese Air Force completed the evacuation.Volkswagen stated the damage to the vehicles was covered by insurance coverage which could cost around $155m (₤ 116m) according to Reuters.

Bentley validated that 189 of its cars and trucks were onboard the ship and Porsche stated it had about 1,100 of its models onboard.One client tweeted to say his Porsche was on board the deserted ship.

Another tweeted that his had been reordered.Logging into the Porsche TYD app now indicates that all vehicles that were on Felicity Ace have been reordered. Confirmed on online forums that clients are seeing new orders with brand-new commission numbers in TYD. Existing customer future construct dates do not seem to have actually shifted.-- Zerin Dube

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