Putin threatens Ukraine allies

Vladimir Putin has actually warned of a "lightning-fast" retaliation if countries intervened in Ukraine as Britain pressed for Moscow to be so weakened militarily by its war that the Russian president can never ever present a threat to European security.

The Russian president informed legislators in St Petersburg on Wednesday the west wanted to cut Russia into pieces and implicated it of pushing Ukraine into conflict with Moscow. "If someone intends to intervene in the continuous events from the outside, and create tactical threats for Russia that are undesirable to us, they should understand that our retaliatory strikes will be lightning-fast," stated Putin.
" We have all the tools for this, things nobody else can possess having now. And we will not boast, we will use them if necessary. And I desire everybody to understand that."

His comments came as British foreign secretary Liz Truss required a "doubling down" on assistance for Ukraine in a speech on Wednesday night, including additional supplies of heavy weapons, and for allies to push Russian forces to completely leave Ukraine's area, with the nation going back to its pre-2014 borders.
In reference to Russian-occupied areas in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, she said: "We are going to keep going even more and quicker to press Russia out of the entire of Ukraine." There has actually been speculation that Ukraine would go for a go back to the pre-invasion status quo where territory was ceded to de facto Russian-backed separatists.

She called Putin "a desperate rogue operator with no interest in international norms"." Some argue we shouldn't supply heavy weapons for worry of provoking something even worse. But my view, is that inaction would be the greatest justification. This is a time for courage not for caution," she said, confessing that more should have been done to discourage an invasion.

Truss cautioned Putin that the west would come to the defence of Moldova in the same way as it is protecting Ukraine if Russia mounted an attack there, as seems possible. She stated the UK was digging deep into its inventories, consisting of heavy weapons, tanks and aeroplanes, to safeguard Ukraine and other countries threatened by Russia.She also said future Russian access to the global economy "will depend on playing by the rules. There can be no more free passes".

In other developments:

The United Nations secretary basic, António Guterres, has shown up in Ukraine after meeting Putin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, in Moscow. Guterres will meet the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, on Thursday.

Russia alerted other EU customers may be cut off from its gas supplies if they refuse to pay in roubles. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov's comments followed Russia halted gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, a relocation that European leaders and Zelenskiy denounced as "blackmail".

The damage expense from the war has reached $600bn, Zelenskiy said in a video address on Wednesday night. "More than 32m square metres of living space, more than 1,500 academic facilities and more than 350 medical facilities have actually been destroyed or damaged," he said. "About 2,500 km of roadways and nearly 300 bridges have actually been ruined or damaged."

A series of explosions were heard near a television tower in the Russian-occupied southern Ukrainian city of Kherson on Wednesday night, temporarily knocking Russian channels off the air, Ukrainian and Russian news organisations reported. RIA Novosti said the broadcast later on resumed. Russian channels began transmitting from Kherson recently, it reported.

The G7 group of industrialised nations is taking a look at whether it could reimpose the existing punitive financial sanctions if Russia attempts to break a hypothetical future peace deal imposed by western allies.

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Britain has long said the war must end with Putin being seen to stop working, however the containment terms being proposed by western authorities include a long-term weakening of the Russian military forces so they can no longer pose a hazard to eastern Europe, in addition to Russia pulling out of all territory it has occupied, consisting of Crimea, which it annexed in 2014.

Lloyd Austin, the United States defence secretary, this week in Germany hinted at the thinking by saying the US wanted the war to end with Russia so weakened it might not repeat its attack on Ukraine.
British thinking reflects a growing confidence that the political, financial and military forces ranged against Putin can, in the long term, result in his complete defeat. London also detects a change of state of mind in Washington-- and to a lesser extent, Berlin-- including a higher determination to provide weaponry to Nato standards instead of hand-downs from old Warsaw Pact armoury.

Britain imagines the security guarantees to Kyiv would mostly consist of a dedication to arm Ukraine enough that Russia would not mount an attack. Britain does not favour a Nato-style dedication that Ukraine's allies would intervene to safeguard Ukraine if it was threatened by Russia.Critics will say extremely difficult settlement demands run the risk of requiring Putin into a corner so that he threatens using tactical weapons. But the Russian leader has already threatened to use nuclear weapons if red lines were crossed.

In her speech, Truss also set out an alerting to China claiming its rise will not be inevitable if it overlooks the rules. Explaining that China is not impervious to western economic pressure, she said China needs to trade with the G7 since it represents around half of the global economy.

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