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5 longest reigning WWE 24/7 Champions of all time


The 24/7 Championship is among the most amusing and disorderly titles in professional wrestling history. A championship that can be won or lost at any time, anywhere, as long as a referee exists, leads to lots of shenanigans and creativity. It was first announced by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley almost 3 years earlier on May 20th, 2019, on RAW.

Ever since, the title has actually been held by men, women, and a tag team. Whether active superstars, Hall of Famers, legends, stars, or perhaps Santa Claus, everybody has wished to hold the belt, however who held it for the longest time in total combined days? Below are the 5 super stars who have actually held the WWE 24/7 Championship for the longest time.

# 5. NFL star Rob Gronkowski held the WWE 24/7 Championship for 57 days

The very idea of Rob Gronkowski holding the WWE 24/7 Championship may shock numerous WWE fans. The previous Patriot was a guest host for WrestleMania 36, where he captured the title from his real-life good friend Mojo Rawley. He would later lose it to R-Truth in his yard after a 57-day reign.

Rob holding the belt for longer than all but 4 people is impressive in and of itself, but he's likewise the only one on this list to hold the title just once. The other 4 superstars have all won the gold a minimum of 4 times each, making his awards more distinct.

# 4. Akira Tozawa has actually effectively captured the WWE 24/7 Championship on numerous events

While Rob held the 24/7 Championship simply once to cement his place on the list, Akira Tozawa has a different story. The previous 205 Live standout has held the title around a dozen times.

Out of those twelve championship reigns, only one lasted for over a month, with the bulk lasting for a week or less. Still, WWE recognizes Tozawa as holding the 24/7 Title for 82 days with all the reigns combined. Between surprise ninja attacks, engagements, wedding events, and divorces, Akira has actually pulled out all the stops to end up being a champ and will likely continue pursuing whoever holds the belt until he can regain it.

# 3. The spectacular Reggie held the WWE 24/7 Championship for longer than most

Reggie is a history maker. At one time, Rob Gronkowski had the longest reign at 57 days. However, that number would later on be nearly doubled by Reggie. The previous sommelier had a 112-day title reign, shattering Gronk's record.

Since then, Reggie has captured the 24/7 Title another 3 times, with an overall of 4 reigns. WWE recognizes the previous Cirque du Soleil acrobat, having held the gold for a combined 132 days.

# 2. Current champion Dana Brooke has held the WWE 24/7 Title for quite some time

RAW star Dana Brooke has held the gold for the 2nd longest time. Just as with her kayfabe soon-to-be ex-husband Reggie, Dana is a four-time 24/7 titleholder. These reigns include one that lasted 84 days and another for what WWE acknowledges as 55. All told, she's held it for over 160 days in total.

Notably, Brooke is the current 24/7 Champion, which implies her record will just continue to improve. Nevertheless, requesting a divorce from her ally Reggie could prove to be her failure. Just time will tell for the length of time Dana holds onto her desirable title.

# 1. R-Truth has actually held the WWE 24/7 Championship for the longest time without a doubt

In what will likely amaze no WWE fan, the man who has held the WWE 24/7 Championship the longest is R-Truth. He has ended up being synonymous with the title from the beginning and regularly describes the prize as his "baby.".

He deserves to do so too, as Truth is a record-breaking champ with over 50 title wins. WWE recognizes the former United States Champion as having held the 24/7 Title for a total of 415 days, over doubling Dana Brooke's time with the belt.

Whether was on a plane, causing mayhem at numerous wedding events, disrupting a honeymoon, or something in any of the other outrageous events R-Truth found himself in, he constantly handled to reclaim his "baby," and he'll more than most likely do it again.

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