Tuesday 31 May 2022

AEW Fans Loved Seeing CM Punk Winning World Championship


AEW fans are absolutely excited for CM Punk after winning the AEW World Championship at the main event of AEW Double or Nothing! The pay-per-view event was stacked with a major card and a load of unforgettable minutes, but fans were absolutely most interested to see how the real centerpiece would shake out. Although there were many who had actually begun to criticize "Hangman" Adam Page's kept up the AEW World Championship, there have actually been simply as lots of who were now fully supporting the champion heading into the match versus opposition CM Punk, who had actually since grown far too big to overlook.

It was a hard match for the both of them, and fans of the 2 as well as it was pretty difficult to in fact find out which one of them to root for. That was the core of the match itself as both of them landed some significant offense to either boos or cheers at numerous times. Responses to both were mixed throughout the board, which's not surprisingly the number of fans have responded to the end result of the match between the two as well.

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