Friday, 20 May 2022

South Africa: Anger over bigotry at top university


South Africa was embroiled in a new racial flareup on Monday after a white student was filmed urinating on a black student's books and laptop at one of the nation's top universities.Stellenbosch University, which described the incident as "racist," stated it had immediately suspended the undergraduate student, whom it did not name.

According to a mobile phone video flowing on social networks, the man barged into the first-year black student's space at a hall of residence in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday, and after that urinated on his possessions.The university "highly condemns the destructive, hurtful and racist incident," Stellenbosch stated in a declaration.

Wim de Villiers, the university's vice-chancellor, said, "We are horrified by this type of behaviour. Such conduct will not be endured at the university."South Africa has been roiled by a string of racial disputes that have exposed deep divisions 28 years after completion of white-minority rule.

The South African Students' Congress said the victim had actually been asleep "when he heard sound in his space." 

" When he woke up, the racist white young boy was urinating on his study desk, books and on his laptop computer," it said in a declaration.Asked what he was doing, the "racist response was that it is what they do to black young boys," it stated.

The university's students representative council said the incident was an example of "the harm that follows marginalised neighborhoods, and in this case, Black students." Demonstrations were held on the campus on Monday, gathering students of all races.

Numerous South Africans, including former students, required to social networks to vent their anger about Stellenbosch, with some stating the university-- routinely ranked as one of the very best in Africa-- had an entrenched issue with elitism and bigotry.

De Villiers, in the statement, said, "We acted promptly and decisively to promote our dedication to a culture of inclusivity.

" What happened ... is not acceptable. No student can reduce another student's human dignity or rights in this way."

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