"Could have been interesting" - Former WWE writer opens on Bobby Lashley's onslaught match


Former WWE author Vince Russo believes Bobby Lashley vs. Otis could have been an exciting matchup if given the right build.

On RAW, the former WWE Champion challenged Theory to an US Title match. In a backstage segment, the 24-year-old discussed that he would only deal with The All Mighty if he won a gauntlet match versus 3 competitors later at night. Chad Gable, Otis, and Theory were later on revealed as the participants in the match.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Russo pointed out that it would have been a treat to watch Lashley take on Otis if the Alpha Academy member had an appropriate accumulation before the match.

The previous head author detailed that it wasn't really exciting to see the two leviathans on RAW because fans already knew that The All Might would somehow end up winning the contest.

Here's what Russo had to state:

" That's another thing bro. Lashley and Otis might have been intriguing had they been more careful with Otis. I mean, 2 men that big, that might have been fascinating. But it wasn't because you know who's gon na win.".

Bobby Lashley will deal with Theory at Money in the Bank.

It was a unique obstacle for Bobby Lashley as he began the gauntlet match on RAW. In the first match, he faced Chad Gable. The two super stars went back and forth before Lashley caught him in the Hurt Lock to win.

Otis was up next as he took Lashley outside and performed an enormous Splash on him. Back inside the ring, the Alpha Academy member missed out on a top rope Splash, permitting The All Mighty to hit him with a Spear.

However, Gable interfered and triggered a disqualification. The two brutalized the former WWE Champion, tiring him ahead of Theory.

Mr. McMahon's protégé looked to profit from an exhausted Lashley, but the latter caught him in an inside cradle for the pinfall, therefore establishing their match at Money in the Bank.

It will be interesting to see if Lashley can beat Theory to become a three-time United States champ when WWE rolls to Vegas next month for the premium live event.

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