Latest update on Sasha Banks' reported WWE release


Sasha Banks' future in WWE was put under extreme doubt the moment rumors filtered in about her and Naomi leaving of Monday Night RAW taping in May. The two were forever suspended without pay. Ever since, the situation has seemingly worsened.

While fans had actually been wishing for some resolution, The Legit Boss might now be gone from the company. Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. was the first to report that the company had actually released Banks.

What was the taking place fallout from this rumor?

Is The Legit Boss no longer a WWE Superstar?

There are a lot of questions, and while not all have definite responses, there is a fair bit of info out there.

Here is a take a look at everything we understand about the circumstance surrounding Sasha Banks' release

# 1. Multiple sources validated Sasha Banks' release

The word backstage from SmackDown  is that the report from @TheRajGiri is undoubtedly accurate according to numerous sources. Sasha Banks has actually been released from her WWE contract.

A day after the initial rumors, numerous sources verified that Sasha Banks has actually been released. This includes reputed Twitter source WrestleVotes, who pointed out the backstage chatter from SmackDown, indicating that it held true.

Furthermore, Reddit user u/kerrmit125 on r/SquaredCircle mentioned that the six-time women's champion was released "some weeks back." This user has an incredible track record of reporting significant WWE events. He has likewise correctly reported the centerpiece of WrestleMania 38 Night 1 in between Kevin Owens and Stone Cold Steve Austin and the continuous feud in between Becky Lynch and Asuka.

# 2. Rumor on Sasha's legal representatives being involved in her release.

Sasha's attorneys were seemingly involved.

It seems like Sasha Banks wanted out of her WWE contract, which might make her possible release a somewhat less bitter pill to swallow for fans. The Legit Boss apparently wanted it so much that her attorneys may have gotten involved.

Andrew Zarian of The Mat Men podcast discussed that Banks' lawyers were dealing with getting her release done the previous week. All of this looks to be building up, with her likely exit being among the quietest from the company's perspective.

# 3. WWE removes Sasha Banks' name on fan sign from SmackDown video

Adding fuel to the fire of Sasha Banks leaving the company, WWE seems extinguishing any presence of the previous women's champion from television. This was evident in the after-effects of SmackDown.

A fan brought a big "Sasha Krew 4 Life" sign to the show, with it being visible as Raquel Rodriguez celebrated her win over Shayna Baszler. The production team rapidly switched cameras as quickly as it was revealed.

The company proceeded to more erase Banks' name by blanking out the sign on the post-SmackDown album on its website. Fans online have called them "petty" for the move, bringing additional attention to it than just letting it be.

Nevertheless, PWInsider also reported that as of the current episode of SmackDown, Banks was noted on WWE's roster internally.

While WWE is yet to verify that Sasha Banks has actually been released, several indications indicate that verification will come sooner rather than later on. Meanwhile, there hasn't been much word on Naomi's situation in the past few days.

It stays to be seen for sure what's next for the former WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. Stay tuned for the latest updates regarding this!

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