Thursday, 23 June 2022

WWE 2K22 report states WWE particularly desired Bray Wyatt eliminated from the Game


WWE 2K22 has launched to vital and commercial success and has continued to release new DLC packs, including much more stars to the outstanding roster. That said, there are numerous stars on that roster that no longer work for WWE, as WWE released a bevy of stars during the game's development. That didn't keep them from being playable in the video game, and a report from Fightful Select revealed the response amongst stars who found themselves in the video game regardless of not working for WWE any longer. That report also said that WWE particularly wanted one star eliminated from the game, which ended up being Bray Wyatt.

If that is undoubtedly the case, it is interesting that Wyatt was the only star removed from the game's roster. Wyatt was one of the most stunning releases WWE made, and once fans saw other release stars in trailers and footage they presumed that Wyatt would be playable as well. The fact that he was particularly mentioned by WWE could mean a few things, and whether that was a choice produced monetary reasons or out of spite is unidentified, however it is intriguing.

The report also mentions a number of members of the WWE 2K22 roster that Fightful talked to after they understood they were included. Nobody the report mentions were notified clearly that they were included in the game before the announcements and reveals, but some wound up catching wind of it ahead of the official rollouts. Those the report points out weren't informed outright that they would be getting paid for being in the game, however it was pointed out that they need to "expect something" later in the year.

It likewise looks like Hit Row almost made it into the game, as AJ Francis stated they were close to being scanned for it however they were released before that could occur. He did likewise say he wished to be a part of it no matter being released.

The roster consists of an extensive list of released stars, including Keith Lee, Tegan Nox, Ember Moon, Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Braun Strowman, and more. Since the launch, there's just been one star removed from the game, which was Nash Carter after he was released. When it comes to Wyatt, he's not playable in the game but a few of the aspects of his entryway and other things were found, and he's already been produced in Community Creations many times at this moment, so you can play him if you so choose.

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