WWE: Shinsuke Nakamura possibly injured as The Usos Retain WWE Tag Team Titles


WWE's Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Usos put their Championships on the line against Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura, a team that was developed out of previous encounters with The Bloodline. In the past, The Usos have actually contributed in taking down Nakamura's partner Boogs and Riddle's RK-Bro teammate Randy Orton, and now they had a shot at taking back Raw's Tag Team Title. Regrettably midway through the match, Nakamura would discover himself hurt and needing to leave the match, leaving Riddle by himself. In some way he remained in the fight and practically won a number of times, however some interference from Sami Zayn caused The Usos retaining.

Jey and Nakamura started the match off and Nakamura was all over Jey, and after that tagged in Riddle. They integrated on numerous kicks and after that Riddle struck a suplex on Jey and opted for the cover, but he kicked out. Forearms followed but then Jimmy tagged in and they knocked Riddle down. Jimmy stomped on Riddle's back and then chose the cover however Riddle kicked out. Jimmy grounded Riddle with a hold but Riddle hit a kick to the side of his head to buy him some space.

Jimmy and Riddle tagged in their partners and Nakamura caught Jey with a roundhouse kick. More kicks followed on Jey in the corner and after that he picked him up and put him up top. Nakamura struck a knee to the belly and went for the cover however Jey kicked out. Nakamura captured Jey once again and after that knocked him down on his back, tagging in Riddle, who chose the cover but Jey kicked out.

Jimmy wound up interfering and brought Riddle down on the outside but Nakamura broke up the taking place cover. Nakamura then sent Jey into the steel steps and after that ended up driving his knee into the steps. Jey drop-kicked Nakamura in the back of the knee and it appeared he was hurt. Trainers came and assisted Nakamura out as Riddle walked with him. Then Riddle returned and went after both Usos, clearing the ring and knocking them both down to the outside.

The match continued however it became a 2-on-1 match and Riddle kept fighting, however Jimmy would knock him down enough time to choose the cover. Riddle tossed out and Jey tagged in, and they both sent him careening into the opposite turnbuckle. Jey and Jimmy celebrated a bit and then Jey buffooned Randy Orton, but Riddle struck a massive knee strike on Jey, knocking him down.

Jey crawled to Jimmy and got the tag however Riddle knocked him back too with a flurry of punches and a kick. Riddle Ethen hit a knee strike on Jey and charged into both Usos on opposite ends of the ring. An angler's suplex on Jey and Jimmy followed and after that he struck twin Setons on them, clearing the ring once again.

Riddle had Jimmy prepped for a DDT and Riddle struck a running knee on Jey and then landed on both Usos after jumping from the ropes. He rolled Jimmy in and power knocked him, and after that went for the hallmark Orton DDT. He hit it however did not go for the cover. Rather, he homaged Orton's hallmark move and the RKO, and almost got the win but Jimmy tossed out right at the end. Then Jimmy covered him and Riddle kicked out right before the 3 count. Jimmy went up top however Riddle met him up there, only for Roman's music to hit. Riddle brought down Jimmy with an RKO however he wasn't the active man, and Jey came down and slammed Riddle to get the pin and the win.

It likewise turns out it wasn't Roman Reigns coming out to the ring, but was Sami Zayn messing with the controls in the back, and the Usos can credit him for the win. Riddle saw him celebrating out by the Usos and assaulted to liquidate SmackDown.

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