Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Shocking heel turn costs Roxanne Perez as Mandy Rose retains NXT women's title


WWE NXT left to a chaotic start, as half of the WWE NXT Tag Team Champions Roxanne Perez was attacked in the car park on her way into the building. Perez was expected to take on Mandy Rose  for the NXT Championship, however the attack looked like it might potentially take her out of action, and her partner Cora Jade was furious. Regardless of the chances that Perez still came out to the ring to compete versus Rose, and though injured, she still managed to get some momentum and get Rose on the ropes. That's when Jade surprised everyone and attacked her partner with the Title, setting Rose up for the win, and it appears Jade is now a heel.

Before the match, Rose came out and addressed the crowd and said Perez wasn't lady enough to power through the injury and compete, and said that even if she did complete she could not beat her. Then a war of chants broke out and Rose chuckled and let it go for a minute. Rose said no one can challenge her for the Title, because she runs NXT and absolutely nothing will change.

Then Jade's music hit and Jade told Rose to shut the hell up. "Your night isn't over yet, because they were guaranteed an NXT Women's Championship match, which's exactly what they're going to get. If Roxanne can't go, I'll step in and take that Women's Championship from you," Jade stated.

Rose went to provide Perez to the count of 3 however she came out right now, and you might plainly see she was bandaged up. Jade attempted to stop her but Perez convinced her and told her to go take her down. Perez struck the ring and jumped on Rose however Rose targeted the hurt ribs with kicks. Perez rolled up Rose but she kicked out, and after that Rose captured Perez and sent her flying. Rose kept kicking the ribs with kicks and shoulder takes on, but Perez fought back with an elbow and a dropkick.

Rose knocked Perez over the top rope, knocking her to the floor, and Rose taunted her as she knocked Perez into the ring apron. Rose slammed her into the ring apron again, and Perez was plainly in pain. Rose got her back in the ring and continued to target the hurt ribs, but Perez tossed out of the cover. Rose then secured a submission around the ribs, and Perez managed to get free before Rose targeted the ribs a number of more times versus the turnbuckle.

Rose tossed Perez into the corner however Perez got her knee up and climbed to the 2nd rope and after that hit a splash on Rose, however she hurt herself while doing so. Perez and Rose exchanged punches and then Perez struck a few shoulder tackles and two uppercuts into a Russian leg sweep, however Rose would kick out of the cover. Perez opted for Pop Rocks however Rose had it scouted, though Perez moved out of the way and sent out Rose into the turnbuckle. Then she dove into Rose, triggering her to knock into the announce table. Then she hit Pop Rocks on the outside and Jade rooted Perez on as she rolled Rose into the ring.

As she was about to get in Jade then attacked Perez with the Title, and Perez remained in shock. At that point Rose clocked Perez with a kick which was enough to get the pin and the win. Then Jade jumped in the ring and informed her that she was the one responsible for bringing her in, taunting her as the show ended. Now we'll have to see what Perez's next move is and how these 2 enemies go on holding the Women's Tag Team Titles.

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