Thursday 30 December 2021

Toni Storm: Reason behind her release unveiled

Toni Storm and Charlotte Flair were embroiled in a SmackDown Women's Championship program.Dave Meltzer reports that Toni Storm asked for WWE for her release due to "burnout." Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful initially broke the news of Toni Storm's release.

Numerous information regarding the former WWE super star were discussed in the current Wrestling Observer Radio episode, including creative choices that could have likewise resulted in her departure from the company.Toni Storm competed in a Triple Threat match on Tuesday in Washington, DC, and presumably flew home after the show prior to informing officials about her decision to leave."As far as her reasons and why she left, the only thing I heard was burnout basically," Meltzer revealed.

Dave Meltzer discussed WWE being additional protective of Charlotte Flair throughout her feud with Toni Storm and how the promo tends to 'feed' its top talents.Toni Storm included in a couple of awkward segments regardless of being the babyface, and she also wasn't presented highly enough on SmackDown in the title story. Meltzer hypothesized that while the uninspired booking might have played a role, fans would need to await Toni Storm to reveal her side of the story.

"I heard from some people there. [It was] sort of the sensation if you view the buildup of her in the Charlotte Flair feud and you're most likely if you were her, and you consider your task as opposed to simply doing your task, you most likely ask a great deal of questions like, why did I get a pie included my face twice when I'm the babyface ... The one thing with WWE is they are about feeding their top stars. They have their protective stars ...," added Dave Meltzer.

What's next for Toni Storm after her WWE release?

Toni Storm is yet to break her silence following her release as Meltzer added that 'she's gone, out of no place," and there were no tips regarding her next move.
The former NXT UK Women's Champion will be eligible to make a wrestling return after finishing WWE's 90-day non-compete clause.The Aussie wrestler is unquestionably a highly-rated talent who will be among the most popular free agents in the business in 2022.

All the social media reactions to Toni Storm's WWE release have actually likewise made it clear that the 26-year-old star is incredibly favored and might resume her career in a significant wrestling company.However, a 'burnt out' Toni Storm would ideally need some time prior to she decides to get back into the ring. Stay tuned as we wait for more details on Toni Storm's status and the circumstances leading up to her WWE release.

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