Saturday 12 March 2022

Update on Big E scary SmackDown Injury


WWE SmackDown featured a frightening minute involving Big E, as a suplex ended up going wrong and instead of landing on his back he landed straight on his head on the floor outside of the ring. After the match was over he was stretchered from the ring to the backstage area, however he did raise his hand and give a thumbs up as he was being rolled away, which offered a somewhat positive sign. Now Big E has actually published an update on social media, revealing that he can move his fingers however physicians are stating he has a damaged neck. Our thoughts and prayers are with Big E and we wish him a rapid healing.

In the video, Big E said "I can't thank all you beautiful people for all your concern, your messages, it's very heartfelt. I can move all my fingers, you see that (moves all his fingers), that's nice, that's constantly a good thing. Strength feels fine, but sadly, today they inform me my neck is broken, so there is that."

Big E continued, saying "But once again, thank you everybody, I'm going to be alright. I'll be great, don't stress, go to sleep. Don't worry about old me, but for real, thank you, and I value all of you. For real."

Anytime the neck or spine is included with an injury every safety measure need to be taken, and it appears they are doing that here. The injury occurred throughout the match in between Sheamus and Ridge Holland versus Big E and Kofi Kingston.

Our thoughts are with Big E and we wish him a fast recovery.

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