Wednesday 30 March 2022

WWE:Kevin Owens played the long game plan when he enquired to use Steve Austin's finisher

Kevin Owens has a dream scenario unfolding at WrestleMania 38, as the fan-favorite WWE Superstar will come face to face with an icon by the name of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and it turns out he planted the seeds for that confrontation quite a while ago. Austin will take on against Owens as part of The KO Show, however Austin has actually stated he went about getting into ring shape for the show, so chances are some punches will be thrown. 

In a new interview with ESPN MMA's Daniel Cormier and Ryan Clark, Owens revealed that when he asked Austin to use the Stone Cold Stunner finisher, he was playing the long game a bit, hoping that eventually it would result in a WrestleMania return.

" It's unbelievable to find myself in this position. What's funny is, when I first asked him if I could utilize the Stunner as the completing move and he offered me his true blessing, it meant a lot to me personally and professionally originating from him because I appreciated him for the longest time," Owens said. "I did figure that, if at some time he were to come back, the reasoning would be that he would be included with the man doing the Stunner. I played the long game a bit and it worked out in my favor."

It definitely did, and when the battle was locked in, Owens went all in, even wearing prosthetics to offer himself an Austin-style makeover with a bald head. He tricked the crowd for a minute as he came out to Austin's classic music, and it ended up being a fun segment even if Owens was extending a bit out of his convenience zone.

" It's actually funny because that's really not the type of stuff I'm utilized to doing. That's happened before when one of the wrestlers would dress up as someone else, like their rivals, The Miz did it a few years earlier, DX has actually done it, a couple of people have actually done it and done it well. It was me getting out of my comfort zone a little, however I figured it was the most impactful thing I do entering into the match or conflict, but it wound up being a lot of enjoyable. I believe I pissed a lot of people off, which is delightful," Owens stated.

Now the two will face each other this weekend, and we would not be shocked if a particular Texas Rattlesnake lets loose a couple of Stunners of his own before WrestleMania comes to a close.

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