Friday, 22 April 2022

NXT UK Tapings: New champions crowned 


New NXT UK Tag Team Champions were crowned throughout tapings, with Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith winning the gold.
Trent Seven & Tyler Bate formerly held the NXT UK tag titles, which they won after beating the current NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly, in December 2021.

According to reports from Wrestling Inc., the taping saw a triple threat match for the titles, with Carter & Smith defeating former champs Moustache Mountain and Die Familie (Charlie Dempsey & Rohan Raja).Die Familie faced Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz throughout a Wednesday taping to get approved for the triple threat match, while Oliver & Ashton dealt with Gallus.

Referee stoppages, betrayals, and more during today's NXT UK tapings

Aside from changing titles, Thursday's taping also included singles matches, two referee stoppages due to injury, betrayal, a phony retirement, and a champ keeping her title.Throughout the show, Eliza Alexander beat Amale in a fast match as a result of injury, with the referee throwing the regrettable 'X' sign. The very same goes Tiger Turan's triumph over Josh Morell, where the referee called off the match after an injury.

Symbiosis members Primate & T-Bone turned on Eddie Dennis after beating Oli Blake & Tate Mayfairs. It wasn't the only tag team that broke as Trent Seven revealed he was retiring, just to attack Tyler Bate right after.While the UK Tag Team champs saw new owners, that wasn't the case for the Women's Championship as Meiko Satomura kept her title over 2.0's Ivy Nile.

The exchange superstars also appeared throughout the taping, including the likes of Lash Legend, Damon Kemp, Von Wagner, and Ivy Nile.Offered the betrayal between Seven & Bate, and the exchange in between 2.0 talents, it's safe to presume that Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith will be facing new names for their tag team titles.

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