DRC launches two rockets into Rwanda's soil


Rwanda's ministry of Defence says DRC fired two rockets into the western part of its nation, on Friday, triggering no casualties but terrifying the population at the border. In its declaration, the ministry says it is the third such attack since March.

Stress between the two main african countries have actually been on the increase as Kinshasa implicates its neighbour of backing M23 rebels sending today, 500 soldiers in Eastern DRC, something Rwanda rejects.

DRC's national army has actually been combating against M23 insurgents, considered a terrorist group, in eastern Congo for a decade of violent clashes have actually been taking place since May.

Rwanda and the DRC have actually had tense relations since the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Kinshasa routinely accuses Rwanda of sending out troops into Congo to support M23 rebels. The Congolese army claimed at the end of May to have jailed 2 Rwandan soldiers in the DRC. But Kigali claimed instead that they had been abducted on the Rwandan side of the border by Hutu rebels based in Congo.

Kigali has actually been asking for a regional examination since the end of May.

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