Tuesday 10 October 2023

A short but powerful prayer for ISRAEL🇮🇱

"May the people of Israel be blessed with peace, safety, and prosperity. May their country be a beacon of hope and a light unto the nations. May their faith in God be strong and their love for one another deep. May their prayers be heard and their lives filled with joy. Amen." 

"O God, our Father, Creator of the Universe, we turn to You in prayer for the people of Israel. Grant them peace and security, so that they may live in their land in safety and prosperity. Guide their leaders to make wise decisions that will bring about a just and lasting peace. 

Help them to remain united in their commitment to justice, morality, and compassion. Grant them the strength to overcome the challenges they face and the courage to defend themselves against those who would seek to harm them.I declare victory over their enemies in Jesus name.

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