Thursday 21 April 2022

Booker T explains why Cody Rhodes was booed in AEW however cheered in WWE


WWE legend Booker T thinks that a small group of vocal fans in AEW booed Cody Rhodes, which resulted in others joining in, while fans in Vince McMahon's company presently like him.

WWE RAW star Cody Rhodes, throughout his spell with AEW, was booed on a few events, which he acknowledged in an interview. In contrast, Cody - who is being shown as the top babyface on the Red brand, has actually been cheered vociferously ever since he returned at WrestleMania.

While discussing the new WWE star on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T stated that there's a possibility that a small minority of fans turned on Cody in AEW, which caused the rest to boo him also.

" I heard someone state we are residing in a web world now, and things are simply various now from the way it was when I showed up. I totally comprehend that now. Now you've got fans who can co-ordinate with each other through social media to come into that arena and take it over to cheer for the guys they like and literally get the guys out of there that they do not like.

He continued:

" And I truly think there's a little group of individuals that do that but when you get the bandwagon onboard, they can develop into something, sort of like these bots we're speaking about. I actually feel that had a lot to do with it. There could've been a core group of people that did not like Cody Rhodes and everyone else jumped on the bandwagon. I could be incorrect. However, it shows in WWE that the fans more than happy to see him back and they value seeing Cody back," stated Booker T.

Booker T thinks that WWE fans may have missed out on Cody Rhodes and are delighted to see him back now, which is why they are cheering for him more than AEW fans.

WWE legend believes Cody Rhodes was booed on RAW this week

Bully Ray just recently said that he heard a few boos in his match versus Kevin Owens on RAW when Rhodes held on to the ropes to break a pin.

"But I heard enough boos to know that a United States wrestling audience does dislike a babyface utilizing the bottom rope as an out, specifically when they get hit with a genuine move," stated the Hall of Famer.The match ended when an annoyed Owens left of the match, giving Rhodes the win through count-out.

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