WWE RAW - 3 Possible surprises


WWE RAW requires to follow in the footsteps of SmackDown. Although Vince McMahon's statement might have been a little bit underwhelming for fans, the show ended with Brock Lesnar's return to action. Like him or not, that's all Twitter's been speaking about ever since.

The red brand name could follow suit with a variety of amazing surprises on this week's show.

# 3. Damien Sandow returns to WWE RAW as Elias

The famous Damien Sandow recently retired from pro wrestling. However, this does not mean that he has retired from the world of sports entertainment. Could we see him appear as Elias on this week's show and place on the performance of a lifetime?

Sandow does not need to take a bump or perhaps get physical. Because he bears a striking similarity to Ezekiel and Elias, he is the right prospect for the job, and the audience would lap it up. It could be a one-night-only appearance to conclude his profession for good.

# 2. Stephanie McMahon aligns with Theory

Until the conclusion of the examination into current accusations, I am honored to assume the role of interim Chairwoman & CEO. I like @WWE and all it continues to do to captivate billions all over the world. 

Considering that Stephanie McMahon is now the interim CEO of WWE while her father has gone back, could she take on his on-screen function as well? Could she become Theory's new mentor in his quest versus Bobby Lashley? If she does, then it might definitely make things extremely intriguing undoubtedly.

We know that she is a McMahon through and through and can be callous when the requirement arises. Theory is a terrific United States Champion but is a clear underdog in his fight versus Lashley. With Stephanie McMahon by his side, the possibilities are truly unrestricted.

She does not even need to do much at all. Perhaps make a stipulation for the title match where the referee remains in her pocket on WWE RAW to provide the advantage to the youngest United States Champion in history.

# 1. Alexa Bliss begins changing on WWE RAW, and Liv Morgan is captivated

It does appear like Alexa Bliss may have gone back to her old persona. Or has she? There might still be a bit of witchiness left in her that could potentially play out on WWE RAW this week.

It does feel like the plan is for Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan to team up and pursue the Women's Tag Team Championship after Money in the Bank.

Having them be a number of blonde bombshells might be a little bit underwhelming for wrestling fans. Instead, they could both move over to the dark side once again and accept the supernatural.

WWE RAW and SmackDown are all about characters and the audience may not always be interested by simply another tag team on the roster anymore.The women's tag team department needs a complete overhaul anyway.

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